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Join this community of talent professionals from all over the world. Recruiters, HR managers, culture and talent heads – these people-people are here to share ideas about the future of work and discuss the big (and small) opportunities we have to drive innovation in our industry and our businesses.

In this changing business world, talent experts need to work together. Using Slack, you’ll have a community of awesome people right there at your fingertips. You can ask questions, join discussions, share your own experience or just soak up the knowledge from other experts in the industry.

So what will you get by joining this community?

As well as being an awesome place to network and connect without having to leave your desk, being part of this community will give you access to:

Dedicated channels where you can share and learn on specific topics.

Get ideas for implementing a wellness program, find out how other people are tackling diversity in their organizations, or just share ideas about the future of work.

Jump in on an AMA (ask me anything) with industry influencers.

Scheduled AMA’s are like question and answer sessions on steroids. We deliver you someone awesome and inspiring at a scheduled time, and you get to ask them anything you want in the live chat window. Join in or just watch – either way you’ll leave inspired.

Network when and how you want.

Chat to people one on one, throw your 2cents into a channel discussion or create your own local groups – you control how and when you’re joining in with Slack. That means if you just feel like listening, that’s ok too!

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