Diversity and strong company culture work together, it’s about getting values alignment right.

Manage application volumes and improve retention rates through smarter screening. A Weirdly screening quiz helps build diverse teams who are aligned on the important stuff.

Need a clever pre-apply filter? See how this major supermarket chain uses Weirdly

Let us help you filter on fit, first.

When you’re hiring, finding people with the right skills isn’t the issue. What really counts is if they share your company values and complement your team. That’s the difference between an awesome employee and an awful one.

Create your quiz

Pick the attributes you need and let our quiz generator do the work for you. Or give applicants a taste of your unique brand personality by adding your own custom questions.

Share your quiz

Send your job quiz out into the big wide world. Share it on social media,  job boards or email it to your mum, she might be the right fit, maybe, maybe not.

See who fits best

Applicants are automatically ranked by how well they’ll fit. Create a shortlist, send emails, export applicant profiles, add notes, files or videos, and keep tabs on everything in your own dashboard.

Hire the perfect person

Hire the bearded, single-malt drinking, plaid wearing, hipster-caveman of your dreams. Then keep everyone else on file for next time you need a superstar.

“At Jucy, culture is No 1. Its about getting the right people into our business at the outset, who live and breathe our values, and who are committed to the journey, We were looking for a way to assess our applicants by culture fit and Weirdly has delivered. Weirdly is easy to use, we can customize the questions with our language and branding, and most of all its making the recruitment process fun. We have had huge success and great feedback from the team. Weirdly is an awesome way to put culture first, whilst adding engagement and fun to recruitment.”
Kat Van Dijk
GM Sales &Marketing - Jucy Rentals

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Customise it with your own branding for awesome campaigns.

Launching a graduate recruitment campaign? Or just want to give people an peek at what makes you unique? Our Weirdly template can be customised to your own brand. And if you’re after something with even more snazz, we can work with you to create a custom designed campaign. The only limit is your imagination (and physics).

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