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Step 1: Pick a few characteristics

Getting started – Step 1: Pick a few characteristics To get started on your dashboard, click ‘Create new quiz’ in the right top corner Pick a few characteristics – Choose between 3 and 6 ideal characteristics you are looking for in the person that fits your role or team culture. Pick how weird you want your […]

Step 2: Preview your quiz

Getting started – Step 2: Preview your quiz Click “start quiz” to see what your quiz will feel like for a candidate. Don’t worry your quiz is not live yet, you’ve still got time to change things. Notice the little blue spanners on the right of the question bubble? Click one of these at any […]

Step 3: Edit your quiz

Getting started – Step 3: Edit your quiz You can either get to your edit page by clicking one of the blue spanners on your preview quiz, or by clicking the Edit tab on the top left of the page. Editing your job details Make sure all the job details are correct; Close date – this is […]

Step 4: Edit and/or rearrange your quiz questions

Getting started – Step 4: Edit and/or rearrange your quiz questions Drag and drop questions to rearrange your question order Click on each question to edit the text Set your ideal answer for each question by sliding the marker to where your ideal candidate would sit. Delete questions by clicking on the trash can. Next step: […]

Step 5: Applicant detail requirements

Getting started – Step 5: Applicant detail requirements   Click on the section under your quiz questions. This’ll open this section and let you edit. Select which details you want turned on/off by sliding the button across. Select whether a field is required or not. Required means a person won’t be able to submit their quiz […]

Step 6: ‘Thank you’ message

Getting started – Step 6: ‘Thank you’ message Finally, add your thanks message here. Click on the message to access editing. To link back to your own website, turn on this feature and add your URL Next step: Final review

Step 7: Final review

Getting started – Step 7: Final review Click back onto the preview tab on the top left menu. You can preview how the quiz will look on mobile ordesktop Run through the quiz one last time to check you’re happy with how it looks. If you need to edit questions, click the blue spanners next to […]

Step 8: Set your quiz live

Getting started – Step 8: Set your quiz live Once you click the launch button, your quiz will be live. You’ll need to share the link with the world before you get any visitors though. Next step: Share your Weirdly quiz

Step 9: Share your Weirdly quiz

Getting started – Step 9: Share your Weirdly quiz This is the sourcing part of the recruitment process. On this page you can: Edit your URL if needed – making it short and recognizable is key! Share your quiz link on social media Post your quiz to job boards and candidate community sites Embed your quiz […]