Culture screening with Lever.

Using data science, Weirdly makes it easy to screen candidates for culture. Our new Lever integration means you can finally make culture a key part of your process.

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Great candidate experience + culture screening + Lever = 😍

Let Weirdly create your screening quiz (it takes 30 secs)

Add the link to your Lever Confirmation Email

Candidates  answer your Weirdly quiz

Culture score is calculated automatically

Just one-click to send results to Lever candidate profiles

Enjoy faster, data-driven screening

Your candidates are pushed to the right job in Lever

People completing your Weirdly quiz are automatically given a fit score. You can then push them to any job in your Lever account. And if the candidate already exists in Lever, we’ll find them and add their fit score to their profile.

See how well they’ll complement your culture

Using data science, Weirdly screens applicants for how well they fit what your team needs – whether you’re looking to increase diversity or complement an existing skill. Then they’re allocated a fit score that’s attached to their profile in your lever database.

Create an awesome candidate experience

Weirdly feels fun and light for your candidates. And when you’re talking about any recruitment process, the first experience is vital. Weirdly is super engaging for people and supports all that hard work you’ve done on your employer brand.

Weirdly Lever integration candidate-profile-with-Weirdly-integration-2
“I’ve been in recruitment for 13 years and it was one of the most engaging experiences I had recruiting for myself, and had very positive feedback from applicants too.”
Shereen Low
Madison Recruitment

An awesome experience, from the first time they ever engage with your employee brand.

Weirdly is mobile-friendly and gives people a fun, engaging candidate experience right from the first moment they interact with your brand.

Find out more about how it works

Keen to find out more about how it all works? Interested in getting your own custom culture screening assessment? Book a demo toady and we’ll take you through how to integrate Weirdly into your Lever process.