See if a candidate fits, before the interviews begin.

Need a creative risk-taker to balance out your team of reliable experts? Let us make that easy for you. Weirdly builds you a better shortlist, faster.

And treat job applicants like real people.

Make transparency more than just another buzzword. With a Weirdly quiz, people get a real taste of your company culture at the same time you’re learning about what really makes them tick. With a candidate experience customised to your own business, you attract the people who genuinely fit. The ones who buy in to your vision so hard, they never want to leave. And even unsuccessful applicants leave with a positive impression of your business.

See how Weirdly would fit your own process

“Weirdly is better than a charcoal filter for recruitment – the portal helps you sift in worthwhile candidates that are a better culture fit without the complexity of Psych testing. And candidates should find it fun to use!”
Steve Simms
CEO - Tomizone

How it works

Our psych experts have developed a methodology that uses your own company culture and values to build a question bank totally customised to you. Then our creative whizz-kids get to work making those questions look and sound like you with copywriting and designs that’ll get your marketing guys as excited as your candidates. Our unique algorithm analyses the way people answer your quiz and calculates a score. The higher the score, the better the match.


Weirdly is more than your average filter. Sure, we do a kick-ass job of reducing the time it takes to screen applicants, but we also offer an impressive bunch of management features. To top it off, your Weirdly screening quiz is customised to your company – full of questions that relate to your unique values, not some generic one-size-fits-all assessment.

Manage the quiz

Customise your quiz questions

Customise your quiz imagery

Set deal breaker questions

Adjust what you want applicants to include

Say no (or yes) to attaching a CV

Manage the campaign

Sort people into lists

Auto-filter out unsuitable applicants

Compare scores

Export applicant data

Receive “new applicant” alerts

Manage the candidates

Look at natural language analysis

Add notes to candidate profiles

Attach additional files

Save and download profiles

Message applicants via email

Creating your dream company culture is just a Weirdly quiz away.

Report on what matters


Upgrading to a paid plan lets you access analytics. Sure to keep the boss happy, you’ll see how engaged your candidates are and how well your quiz is performing. Quickly jump in to tweak your questions and improve your quiz performance, or just export the report and slap it on the boss’s desk. It’s up to you.

Customise the quiz to your brand

Ever heard the phrase “recruitment is marketing”? You can tailor each Weirdly quiz to show off your business’s best quirks, from the way the questions are written to the header images you upload. This means you’re reinforcing your unique company values and brand from start to finish.

Build your own talent pool

With each quiz you create, you’re building a bigger pool of pre-filtered applicants – people who are keen to work for you, share your brand values and sound like cool cats to spend 8hrs a day with. As you grow, use the All Applicants function to send new opportunities directly to this pool. It’s a recruitment dream!

Easy-to-share customised URLs

Share your unique Weirdly quiz on your job ads, social media profiles, website careers page – anywhere you would normally look for awesome people. Also, super-handy for other people to pass on, so you can ask your mum to send it around all the people at her bowls club.

Attach any file, from resumes to videos

Make Weirdly your main recruitment hub by attaching almost anything to a candidate’s profile – notes, videos or additional files. Multi-admin accounts can even collaborate with notes directly on an applicant’s profile. Update the team on interview impressions or just flag if an applicant has mad juggling skills.

Find candidates who fit today