Home KnowledgeBase General support How do you know Weirdly quiz questions (and results) are valid?

Each assessment is built by our Psych&Data team. This team is really experienced in building custom surveys and assessments for a range of industries and business sectors. Jeff Godbout (our fearless Psych&Data leader) has literally built his career on designing and writing psychometric tests, research studies and digging deeply into organisational psych.

We’ve also spent the last 3 years testing and finessing our default question bank. This forms the foundation of any auto-generated assessment, and serves as a reference guide for custom built quizzes. This Weirdly question bank has been rigorously tested across over 50,000 real-life candidates across many sectors and countries who have applied for jobs using our screening assessments – that means we’re working with a huge data set.

If you’re using a custom Weirdly quiz – one that’s been developed for your unique company culture – you’ll be developing your own norm group as candidate apply. Your analytics and reporting will become more accurate and your datasets more finely tuned, the more applications you receive.