#PeoplePeople: The ultimate slack community for Recruiters, Hr and Talent people

The world of work is changing. Rapidly. Like, insanely fast. So a groups of us got together and figured it was time to build a global community for the inspirational people at the forefront of that change. A crew of People-people.

As the people in charge of finding, nurturing and helping people find fulfilment in this world of work, recruiters, HR folks and people with confusing talent-related titles are the forward guard of this change. Most of us meet up at conferences or chat online in twitter chats and LinkedIn groups but it’s kind of sporadic and often we’re only rubbing shoulders with other locals.

A more global community, one that makes it easy to share ideas, learn from each other’s successes (and failures) and inspire each other to keep pushing people and culture forward. That’s the kind of group we want to build here.

Who can join PeoplePeople?

This group is for anyone in the recruiting, HR or People-and-Talent community. If you spend your days hiring people (for yourself or on behalf of others) or building culture in your organisation, this is for you. We want your input, your ideas and your opinions on the way the world of work is changing.

As well as any killer gifs you’ve been saving up about having the Best Week Ever!

Best Week Ever butts

Why use Slack for this recruitment community?

The long and the short of it is, Slack is hella convenient. A steadily increasing number of us are using this new communication platform in our businesses already. That means we don’t have to go somewhere new to access our gang of PeoplePeople. We’ll all be right there, at the end of your finger tips whenever you need to bounce an idea off someone, get some advice or feel inspired by other talent experts.

Also, Slack is pretty beautiful. And who has time to look at ugly software all day?

I want in! How do I join PeoplePeople?

Jump on the button below and request an invite. We’ll fire you through a link to join within 24hrs, click on that and you’re in!

Don’t forget to set up a profile picture and tell us a bit about yourself – this is an awesome chance for some of that personal branding everyone keeps talking about too!

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