Calling all Marketing Content Managers 📣

Role overview:

Creating and sharing really great content is central to Weirdly’s marketing strategy. We’ve got a reputation for content that adds actual value to our market, isn’t afraid to take a clear position and brings the generally-positive-sometimes-funny Weirdly brand to life.

We’re looking for a full time person to join our crew immediately and head up the production of more content like that.

That includes blog and article style writing, “mega content” pieces like guides, whitepapers and interactive resources, videos and case studies – basically, if it has words on or in it and it’s shareable on social media, you’re going to be involved somehow. 

You’ll be working alongside (and reporting to) our co-founder/VP of marketing to expand on the existing marketing and brand strategy, then executing it with content that’ll drive leads and strengthen Weirdly’s brand in Australia. You’ll also work with an external PR agency and a designer in the Marketing team.

Your KPIs will be linked to the volume and quality of your content, and tied to leads it generates. We’ll set these KPI’s together though, so you can make sure the expectations we set are fair.

We’re a partly-remote team. Ideally, you’ll be based in Sydney and keen to come into the office for face-to-face working at least three days per week. There’ll be snacks and friendly faces, as well as strategic chats keeping you up to date with product and business movements.

Key duties and responsibilities could include:

  • Content strategy and execution: Work with the marketing head to plan, create and post content that aligns to an agreed marketing strategy.
  • Distribution and managing SEO content quality: Managing the posting and/or sharing of content according to the agreed content strategy using tools like WordPress and Buffer. Includes basic search optimisation of posts (metadata, alt-tags, closed captions where appropriate etc).
  • Reporting and ROI: Help establish benchmarks, monitor and report on all created content including setting up required tags. Be able to draw conclusions and give recommendations on appropriate strategy based on the data collected. 
  • Outbound content: Use templates and creative resources to create campaign material for email, landing pages and social ads.
  • Market knowledge: Keep up to date with market knowledge to produce relevant and engaging content. This includes industry trend reports, competitors, target audience behavioural trends, deep-dives on key sales prospects etc.
  • Content effectiveness: Develop strong cross-functional relationships with sales to gauge and track lead quality and lead flow from key content pieces.
  • Partner marketing: Work closely with marketing head to develop content (official and unofficial) to enhance relationships with partner software.

Essential qualifications and experience:

Note: We’re interested in your potential, so as long as you can hit 75% of these requirements, we want to hear from you!

  • Strong strategic communications skills – able to concept a compelling angle based on sales and customer insights, then produce communications that build customer engagement.
  • 5+ years of marketing experience with hands-on management of digital.
  • 2+ years of written content creation experience (this could be writing on your own blog, running corporate social media accounts – feel free to think laterally!)
  • Experienced in marketing to OR recruitment/HR within enterprise organisations.
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of recruiting/HR industries specifically in Australia (with bonus points for knowledge of UK or US markets).
  • Strong customer orientation and curiosity – the ability to engage with customers.
  • Experience using marketing technologies and reporting/ROI tools (eg. Salesforce, ActiveCampaign/Pardot, Buffer, Google Analytics, Intercom, Mailgun, Segment). Especially campaign management and dashboard building.
  • Proven experience building relationships with sales teams and supporting programs to drive awareness and sales.
  • Demonstrable ability to measure and report the performance of marketing campaigns and assess against marketing KPIs.
  • Demonstrated excellence with project management and time management.
  • Can demonstrate a high level of adaptability in a fast-paced environment, resilience and self awareness.

Intermediate level designers, we want you 👈

Great design is woven into our business DNA – and that’s not just a line we spout off to attract hipsters. Two of our founders ran a service design agency before Weirdly, one of them still does all our UX/UI design and the other one heads up our brand strategy and marketing work. 

We’re looking for a full time person to join our crew immediately and head up the production of more content like that.

We’re a lean team that’s growing fast. That means in some cases projects will be really clearly defined, copy completed and you’ll be sweeping in to execute or polish the design. In other cases, we’ll working from scratch – putting our design, marketing and sales heads together to come up with solutions. That means you’ll be working closely with people from different parts of our business, helping to interpret and execute on design, marketing and sales projects.

You’ll be reporting to our co-founder/Head of Design and working closely alongside our Marketing and Sales crew to execute on Weirdly’s Marketing strategy. On a daily basis, your work will help further develop the Weirdly brand, build our marketing content and generate and convert sales leads. 

Your KPI’s will be linked to marketing and design projects, with heaps of input from you to make sure the expectations we set are fair.

We’re a partly-remote team. Ideally, you’ll be based in NZ and keen to come into the office for face-to-face working at least three days per week. There’ll be snacks and friendly faces, as well as strategic chats keeping you up to date with product and business movements.

Key duties and Responsibilities could include:

  • Sales and Marketing collateral: Work with the marketing, sales and design heads to create collateral for use at events, sales meetings and investment meetings.
  • Website design maintenance: Oversee and assist with landing page creation (applying existing templates and design language using WebFlow)
  • Event execution: Assist with execution of event, conference and expo ideas. This includes stand design, creating graphics, liasing with printers and installers. 
  • Video: Assisting the marketing team with video creation including creating intro and outro frames, supers and graphics.
  • Customer onboarding/success design: Working with marketing, customer success and product teams to create useful screencasts, screenshots, mockups and other graphics.
  • Content marketing support: Working closely with our content marketing manager to design blog graphics, pdf download layouts and other  imagery where required. These may be based on existing templates and brand ID standards, or you may be working with our head of design to establish new templates and guidelines.

Essential qualifications and experience:

Note: We’re interested in your potential, so as long as you can hit 80% of these requirements, we want to hear from you!

  • 3+ years of design experience – either print or brand design.
  • 2+ years of digital design experience (this could have been gathered at the same time at your other design experience or separate) – specifically, with UI/UX projects.
  • Very comfortable using Sketch and Adobe design programmes
  • Strong customer orientation and curiosity – the ability to engage with customers.
  • Great communications skills – able to articulate a concept, and sell it to clients or internal stakeholders.
  • Proven experience building and managing relationships between multiple stakeholders – juggling the needs of brand integrity against short-term sales requirements for example.
  • Demonstrated excellence with project management and time management.
  • Can demonstrate a high level of adaptability in a fast-paced environment, resilience and self awareness.

Better candidate experience: Ideas from the customer experience dept

Here at Weirdly, we’re big on learning sideways. Pulling knowledge from other departments, disciplines, roles and applying it to make us better at what we do.

When it comes to creating world-class candidate experiences, there’s a lot we can learn from our sisters-from-other-misters over in the customer experience team. The phrase, “candidates are customers” is bandied about a lot in recruitment circles (we’ve even used it ourselves) so it’s likely we’re not sharing new news here. But here’s the challenge:

When’s the last time you talked to one of your customer experience people with a view to applying their tactics to YOUR department?

If your answer is along the lines of “ah…[shuffles foot]…I’m just very extremely busy”, we get it. That’s why we’ve taken this great blog of insights from the Customer Experience masters over at Qualtrics and translated them into simple snippets of advice you can apply to your candidate experience planning.

CX for CX: Pearls of Wisdom from the masters

Data is only useful if you use it:

Collecting piles of data is one thing, gathering data you can actually use is quite another. There’s always a temptation, to go for volume – we’re in the “measure everything” era, after all. Maybe if we measure every possible thing that has a number attached to it, we’ll reach a utopic future in which bias doesn’t exist, a single ad sees us flooded with spectacular applicants and engagement is at 100%.

Look, I’m not going to be a hater. Maybe one day we’ll have the tools (and budgets) to make that future a reality. In the meantime, sifting through that pile is overwhelming at best, not even being attempted at worst.


Actionable, timely information is the most valuable. Start like a scientist – with a hypothesis. So you’ve done a quick candidate experience audit and you reckon your weak points are pre-apply and post phone screen. What specific data do you need to inform and then measure changes to those experiences? % completion to next stage? Application point drop-offs? % followup touch points completed post phone screen?

Whatever you choose, being selective and then making sure you’re consciously linking the data you gather to an explicit goal will make your life WAY less stressful.

And if you’re bringing in tools to help smooth the way, make sure the data that comes through those tools is specific, regular and focussed.

When it comes to feedback, timing matters:

In customer experience, encouraging people to share feedback spontaneously is gaining popularity. This involves building more opportunities and methods for customers to communicate with you.

Over here in the HRM world we could take a page out of that book. Ok, maybe it’s not useful to open the door to a constant stream of candidate commentary but most of us could afford to crack a window open.

How real-time is the feedback you’re getting about your candidate experience? Is it a 3month-later survey with your new hires? Or are people given the opportunity to share an NXS/cNPS style score after key interactions in your process?

Real-time, in the moment feedback gives you a super authentic perspective to complement the retrospective insights you’re already gathering.

Go wide when investigating industry benchmarks/best practices:

If you’re building a world class experience, you don’t need to limit your inspiration to your own playing field.

Need to boost your career site performance? Traditionally you’d use monitoring to work out a “good” benchmark and try to beat that. Need candidate experience performance metrics? You could find the average for similar companies on this NXS/cNPS benchmark research and work from there.

There’s nothing wrong with those approaches exactly, but if that’s all you do, you can get pretty trapped. When you stay in your industry lane, you’re not often exposed to new, fresh methods. It becomes very easy to keep recycling the same tactics or get distracted by what your nearest competitors are doing.

If you’re really dedicated to building beyond-the-ordinary candidate experiences, you need to look for beyond-the-ordinary inspiration.

You might be an enterprise IT company with an ok cNPS rating compared to your industry, but look at the Retail benchmark. What makes those companies consistently rate so highly? Are there things they’re doing that you could emulate to boost your own performance?

Looking outside your own market niche or dataset gives you a more diverse ideas. It can help expand your understanding of what’s possible and in the process, refine your own standards and benchmarks for great experience.

Qualtrics talks about how the best customer experience brands in the world aren’t satisfied to lead just their categories in CX, they want to be the best across adjacent categories too.

Well I’d argue, the same could be said of the companies dedicated to building top-shelf candidate experiences.

We’re so proud to be working with a bunch of them – companies like Bumble, Uber, Target, Atlassian and Bunnings. If you’re interested in hearing more about the candidate experiences they’re delivering with Weirdly, book a demo with our team today.

Using VideoIntros in your application process: Awesome question ideas

As you’ve probably heard, we released our much-anticipated VideoIntros feature last week and it got us thinking: What are some of the best, most clever and quirkiest interview questions we’ve heard that you could use as VideoIntro challenges?

Here at Weirdly, we reckon allowing your candidates the chance to introduce themselves with a 15-30 second clip during your application process is smart. It lets them showcase more of what makes them shine in a way a resume never will. If you’re recruiting for customer facing roles, VideoIntros also give you the chance to see how they present themselves – you get a bit of a taste of what your customers might experience in their interactions with that candidate.

But how do you choose the right question to use with your particular candidates?

First, you’ve got to ask yourself what you’re after. Looking to see how well they “pitch” themselves? Want to find out how they align with your big mission? Or maybe you’re just trying to get a look at their personality – to see if they’ll slot into your culture or work well with a certain team?

Whatever you choose, you’ll get an insight into your candidate, and your candidate will also learn something about your employer brand and company culture. For example, a question like

“In 30 seconds or fewer, tell us the top three words your last manager would use to describe you, and why”

tells the candidate you value transparency and honesty, self-awareness and performance (because let’s face it, noone is going to assume you want to hear “lazy, late and rude” as their three words). Whereas a question like

“In 15 seconds, tell us who you think would win in a fight: A ?or a ??”

says to your candidate that you have a culture of fun, with a slightly oddball sense of humor.

That means it’s an awesome opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to make your application process feel more engaging and inclusive.

Pretty great opportunity right? If you’re like me and suffering from a bit of decision-fatigue, don’t get stuck trying to come up with the perfect question on your own. Use the list below to tweak (or you know, steal) the right question for you. We’ve even handily categorised them for you!

Thanks, us!

VideoIntro questions: Our favourites so far

Questions that get candidates to pitch themselves to you

Why are you such a good fit for this job? (Tell us your name and answer in 30secs)

In 30secs, which parts of this role do you think you could hit the ground running with, and why?

If we hired you for this job and we gave you three wishes what would they be? (Tell us in 30secs)


Challenges giving you insight into core values/mission alignment

Tell us about why are you job hunting at the moment (in 30secs or fewer).

You’ve got 30secs. Tell us about 2 things on your bucket list.

Growing up what did you always want to be? Tell us in 30secs or fewer.

Our company’s core mission is to provide the highest quality goods for the lowest possible prices. In 30secs, tell us how or why that mission resonates with you.


Questions to encourage transparency or self-reflection

In 30secs, which of your previous roles best prepares you for this one and why?

What would your last manager say if I asked them to describe you? (Tell us in 30secs)

Tell us, what were your first thoughts when you saw that we were hiring? (in 30secs or fewer)


Quirky questions to showcase personality

Are you a cat or a dog person? (Tell us in 15secs or fewer)

In 30secs or fewer, what would you buy if you won a million dollars?

In the news story of your life what would the headline be? (Tell us in 15secs or fewer)

Teach me something I don’t know in 45 secs


Got a great idea for a question? Share it with us on twitter, or book a demo with our crew to find out how you could integrate Weirdly VideoIntros seamlessly into your own recruitment process. This is your chance to give your candidate experience a big boost in the new year.



#PeoplePeople: The ultimate slack community for Recruiters, Hr and Talent people

The world of work is changing. Rapidly. Like, insanely fast. So a groups of us got together and figured it was time to build a global community for the inspirational people at the forefront of that change. A crew of People-people.

As the people in charge of finding, nurturing and helping people find fulfilment in this world of work, recruiters, HR folks and people with confusing talent-related titles are the forward guard of this change. Most of us meet up at conferences or chat online in twitter chats and LinkedIn groups but it’s kind of sporadic and often we’re only rubbing shoulders with other locals.

A more global community, one that makes it easy to share ideas, learn from each other’s successes (and failures) and inspire each other to keep pushing people and culture forward. That’s the kind of group we want to build here.

Who can join PeoplePeople?

This group is for anyone in the recruiting, HR or People-and-Talent community. If you spend your days hiring people (for yourself or on behalf of others) or building culture in your organisation, this is for you. We want your input, your ideas and your opinions on the way the world of work is changing.

As well as any killer gifs you’ve been saving up about having the Best Week Ever!

Best Week Ever butts

Why use Slack for this recruitment community?

The long and the short of it is, Slack is hella convenient. A steadily increasing number of us are using this new communication platform in our businesses already. That means we don’t have to go somewhere new to access our gang of PeoplePeople. We’ll all be right there, at the end of your finger tips whenever you need to bounce an idea off someone, get some advice or feel inspired by other talent experts.

Also, Slack is pretty beautiful. And who has time to look at ugly software all day?

I want in! How do I join PeoplePeople?

Jump on the button below and request an invite. We’ll fire you through a link to join within 24hrs, click on that and you’re in!

Don’t forget to set up a profile picture and tell us a bit about yourself – this is an awesome chance for some of that personal branding everyone keeps talking about too!

Request an invite button