The great twitter #bioelection2015: The final report

Well guys – it was a battle of epic proportions. And by “epic” we mean fairly enthusiastic.

In the quest to determine which NZ recruiter-type person has the best twitter bio, @deniseannpeter emerged victorious, with our woopty line thing showing more people giving her bio a high score.

In all seriousness though, this was an awesome chance for us to give our new reporting function a work-out. Here are a few key outtakes:

  • Most questions scored over 50%. This means most people chose a number between 5 and 10 for each “question” (bio). Either you’ve all got pretty good bios, or no-one wanted to be mean!
  • We saw the vast majority of people clicking through and completing the quiz in the morning, with a slight bump in the last hour of the work-day.
  • As you can expect, applications petered off over time, but what was really interesting is that heaps of people came to the quiz directly. This means that instead of clicking a link, lots of people were cutting and pasting the link from somewhere (twitter, LinkedIn, email) directly into their browser, or they were typing the URL in by hand. Old-skool.
  • Again, as expected, filling in your details took the most time, and generated the most drop-offs. But we can also see people agonising over Paul’s bio right at the beginning – they really did some soul-searching about how they felt about that one, man.

Anyway, take a look yourself:

Weirdly Quiz Report_Page_1

Weirdly Quiz Report_Page_2

Weirdly Quiz Report_Page_3

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