Startup recruitment guide

Recruiting 101 for Startups

Your first 10 hires will make or break your startup. Get it right with this recruitment guide, packed full of handy templates, how-to guides and practical advice for startup founders.

ABOUT WEIRDLY (what makes them such experts anyway?)

After 20+ years in the recruitment industry we know that the thing that makes you weird is often the thing that makes you brilliant. And if you can find just the right kind of brilliant weirdos for a business, magic happens. That’s where Weirdly’s clever software comes in. We’ve systemised our expertise, to make hiring easier, faster and heaps more fun.

This guide will also help. We know hiring can be intimidating – there’s heaps to consider and loads at risk. This guide will step you through the process so you find the right people to take your startup stratospheric.

Weirdly startup recruitment guide

Full Chapter List

Here’s the complete chapter list – just in case you’re one of those “skip straight to the end” people.

  1. How to decide what roles are important
  2. How to define your company culture
  3. Key attributes for a tech start-up
  4. Pre-hiring checklist
  5. How to write a job description
  6. The employment contract
  7. Asking questions in an interview
  8. How to collect references (that are actually useful)

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