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Picture from movie Bubble Boy

Social distance is bringing everyone a bit closer

Better recruitment March 24, 2020
NZ is following places like China and Italy into full lockdown mode. New South Wales, Victoria and (hopefully) the rest of Australia are close behind. Ignoring the toilet paper feuds for a second, it’s awesome to see that in the face of all that uncertainty, there’s an overwhelming trend toward compassion.
Image representing the Weirdly and Greenhouse ATS integration

Better recruitment June 27, 2019

Carrots beat a stick: The best employee benefits from companies around the world

Better recruitment May 2, 2019
We've collated some of the coolest benefits organisations are offering their employees from around the world.

LinkedIn Trend Report: Building more equality in the candidate-employer relationship

Better recruitment February 21, 2019
A more equal employer-employee relationship is good for business. And if this applies to employees, it has to be true for the candidates as well, right?
SisterAct classroom inclusivity

Make your recruitment MORE inclusive with…screening assessments?

Better recruitment February 14, 2019
Screening assessments that reduce volume and make awesome candidate experiences don’t have to come at the cost of your diversity strategy.
Weirdly custom theme for HRTechFest 2018
Weirdly Snaphire Integration

New Snaphire and Weirdly integration: Assess values alignment in the Talent App Store

Custom Campaigns March 27, 2018
Finally! The much anticipated Weirdly + Snaphire integration has been released and is already making recruiting teams from some of Australasia's biggest organisations very, very happy.
Day 2 was just as awesome as Day 1! #HRTechWorld

Day 2 of #HRTechWorld and Wrap-Up

#globalweirdos October 27, 2017
We wrap up Day 2 of #HRTechWorld and look forward to the next event. Read about the highlights of the day.

Day one of #HRTechWorld in Amsterdam!

#globalweirdos October 25, 2017
Dale and Simon wrap up Day 1 of HRTechWorld in Amsterdam. Future of Work, Ariana Huffington and much much more

#FutureOfWork and #HRTechWorld Amsterdam

#globalweirdos October 24, 2017
We're gonna be at HRTechWorld, follow us on all the things to keep up with the excitement

Family Feud – The Recruitment Edition

#globalweirdos July 21, 2017
Dale & Simon hosted the #SydRecMeetup and it was in the style of Family Feud
Weirdly version three is almost here

Weirdly Version Three is almost here

Growing weirdly July 18, 2017
After many months working hard behind the scenes, the team at Weirdly are almost ready to unveil the latest shiny version. Get a sneak peek today.
Together, we can work to stamp out racism

#shedoesnotspeakforus – racism & recruitment

Better recruitment July 12, 2017
Last month we were all shocked by a horribly racist recruiter who was caught in the act. The RCSA have a free webinar to move us forward as an industry.
Education and diversity - what does that mean for you as an employer

A Brick in the Wall – Education and a Diverse Workforce

Better recruitment June 8, 2017
Do good grades at school mean that they will be great employees? Or is it about the school they went to? Find out what it could mean for you as an employer.
What does your company smell like?

What does your company smell like? And what does that mean for your organisational culture?

Better recruitment May 26, 2017
Building an organisational culture that encourages growth and allows diversity can be like changing the smell of your company.
Where do you keep your tomato sauce?

Where do you keep your tomato sauce (ketchup)?

Better recruitment May 17, 2017
Where do you keep your tomato sauce (or ketchup), and why does it matter? And what does it have to do with diversity?
Be kind - give someone the benefit of the doubt today

The benefit of the doubt – be kinder to your candidates

Better recruitment April 21, 2017
Giving a candidate the benefit of the doubt can allow that person to fulfil your vision of the culture you want to create. Also it's the kind thing to do.
Diversity... why it really matters

#aucklandrec – the diversity edition

Better recruitment April 12, 2017
Weirdly went along to #aucklandrec and it was a blast! Three amazing speakers talk about diversity in three different ways
A lonely robot walks across the grass, is an algorithm going to replace you?

Robots vs Humans: are algorithms going to replace you?

Better recruitment April 6, 2017
What will algorithms mean for your business? And more importantly, what will it mean for your talent acquisition?
#hrtechconf logo - Weirdly coverage

#HRTechConf: Your live feed of insights, tweets and gifs

Better recruitment October 4, 2016
HRTechConf is being held in Chicago this year. If you're feeling the FOMO, we've got a live feed of the best insights, news and trends.
Culture fit - think about leaving room to grow

We’re recruiting for culture all wrong: A lesson from your kid’s school shoes

Better recruitment August 11, 2016
We know assessing a candidate's culture fit is important. The vital question isn't being address though: Fit with what, exactly?
psychometric tests are some Xmen level sh*t

Psychometric tests vs culture screening: It’s not as simple as you think

Better recruitment July 26, 2016
Should screening for culture replace psychometric tests? Whether you're looking for culture fit, or culture add, knowing when to use screening vs true psychometric tests can be tricky.
Inclusion through language: Akina-te-reo-header

Inclusion creates diversity: How an inclusive workplace can change your community

Better recruitment July 5, 2016
Inclusion is a hot HR trend for 2016. Making people feel safe, respected and valued is important part of a healthy culture. Māori Language Week is a great opportunity for Kiwi workplaces to put some of those inclusive policies into practice.
Graduate Recruitment blind doesn't have to be like hide and seek

Graduate recruitment case study: Fletcher Building goes blind

Better recruitment June 28, 2016
Award-winning graduate recruitment campaigns aren't new for Fletcher Building. This year, they used Weirdly tackle a tricky challenge: unconscious bias
remote workspaces - silicon valley working at home

Remote workspaces: The new Weirdly #noffice

Growing weirdly June 24, 2016
One of the coolest things about remote working is setting up your own remote workspaces. Get inspired by the spots our remote Weirdly team have set up.
Culture is linked to profit - making a case

The Case for Culture: Resources to show culture is linked to profit

Better recruitment June 21, 2016
Company culture is linked to profit. This list of studies, statistics and case studies help you build a data-driven case for investment in your culture
Weirdly integration with Lever header

Weirdly Integration with Lever: Super easy culture screening

Better recruitment June 17, 2016
The new Weirdly integration with Lever is now live. Now you can screen candidates for fit with the culture you want, all in your favourite ATS.

Retail recruitment case study: Countdown gets Weirdly

Better recruitment June 14, 2016
In the retail recruitment game, attracting the best candidates is competitive business. Here's why (and how) Countdown uses Weirdly to get the edge.

An AMA with HRTechxpert, William Tincup

Better recruitment May 24, 2016
In our AMA with William Tincup, he covers topics ranging from his biggest failure to talent community software and which HR Tech he predicts will fail.
going remote shouldn't feel like you're moving to mars

Weirdly’s going remote: Business shirt on top, jammies on the bottom

Growing weirdly May 5, 2016
The Weirdly team is packing up our snazzy office, locking the doors and going remote. Here's why, what's scary and how we're going to make it work.
Weirdly user permissions - keeping the troops organised

Weirdly User Permissions: Keeping the troops organised

Updates May 5, 2016
If you spend your days recruiting for different teams or buried in global recruitment campaigns, Weirdly's just added your dream feature: User Permissions
Walter-Mitty not-a-good-example-of-employee-engagement

Employee engagement in Simply Irresistible organisations:

Better recruitment April 21, 2016
85% of businesses are prioritising employee engagement in 2016. It's good for people, business and here are a few tools to help make measuring it easy.
Weirdly video integration: Now obama can use his selfie stick to apply for your jobs

Weirdly video integration: It’s heeeere!

Growing weirdly April 18, 2016
Collect candidate videos as part of your recruitment process - it's super quick, streamlined and easy with the new Weirdly video integration.
Weirdly #wellnesschallenge idea generator

Weirdly #wellnesschallenge: Automatically generate your own daily wellness activity for super-fun team times.

Better recruitment April 11, 2016
Join the Weirdly #wellnesschallenge. Our automatic wellness challenge generator makes it easy. Get ideas for you and your team, every day.
Weirdly Smartrecruiters integration

Shiny! New! SmartRecruiters integration

Better recruitment April 5, 2016
Woop! Our new SmartRecruiters integration is here: Now you can choose an off-the-shelf Weirdly culture screening assessment from within SmartRecruiters

2016 HR Trend report: Deloitte’s global predictions

Better recruitment April 1, 2016
Deloitte released their annual HR Trend report this week and it's a doozy. Full of stats, graphs, insights and predictions for 2016 global HR and recruiting
Willy wonka dentist didn't get such good customer loyalty

Customer loyalty: The goose that lays those golden eggs

Better recruitment March 29, 2016
Better customer loyalty is the key to making sustained, long term growth (and money). So what's the trick? It's all to do with your frontline staff.
four kids who would have very different personality assessment results

Why Google reckons ‘Fit’ beats personality assessment

Better recruitment March 17, 2016
A personality assessment is not as valuable as finding people with the right fit, or at least, that's what Google reckons. Here's why:
Weirdos: Malcolm Fell and Jeff Godbout

New Weirdos: Malcolm Fell and Jeff Godbout

Growing weirdly March 15, 2016
Hold on to your socks data nerds, there are two new Weirdos in town and they’re taking Weirdly’s skills to the next level: Malcolm Fell and Jeff Godbout.
Weirdly: Dale in San Francisco

Going global: A Kiwi Entrepreneur’s first adventure in the USA

Growing weirdly March 10, 2016
Our first scouting trips to the USA are done and, alongside some exciting partnerships and new clients, we've brought back a few key insights for any other startup founders or entrepreneurs about to take the leap.
Police-Academy style data protection
2016 NZ Innovation Heroes - featuring yours truly

Better dust off the cape, we just got picked as a 2016 NZ Innovation Hero

Growing weirdly March 1, 2016
This year, we've been chosen to join the clever, inspiring founders from EatMyLunch, Martin Jet Pack (who make actual jet packs), Kode BioTech and the crazy geniuses at 8i who, awesomely, just picked up funding from Ashton Kutcher.

Diversity, meet happiness (finally): How to build diverse teams who also like coming to work

Better recruitment February 25, 2016
Good news if you're implementing a diversity AND a wellness programme in your company, a new study shows it’s not really diversity that makes people less happy – it’s the lack of control, the feeling of being forced into something. And it means the difference between people developing empathy for each other and just putting up with things.
Funny or Die Handsome fella

Checking each other out ?: How to integrate video into your recruitment process

Better recruitment February 19, 2016
A truly great recruitment process should be efficient, and should also give candidates a feel for your culture and let them really showcase the things that could make them a rockstar in your team. Video is an awesome way to achieve all those objectives – like, if you were into killing birds, you’d be doing it with one stone.
Weirdly from NZ to the USA

Ready to launch your startup into a new market? Start here.

Growing weirdly February 16, 2016
So you're ready to take the leap. Growing your start up and launching into a new market is super-exciting, but the first hurdle is choosing where to focus your attention. Which city should you launch into? Hell, which country should you be focussed on? Here's how we're approaching this crucial decision:
Tim the tool man taylor offering you his free tools

4 free online tools you haven’t thought of using for recruitment

Better recruitment February 3, 2016
We've collated our top-four list of clever tools you should be (but probably haven't thought of) using in your hiring process. These are quick, cheap online tools you can use as part of your people-hiring, team building suite that are fun, simple and useful.
Weirdly startup recruitment guide
Blades of Glory: The ultimate diversity teamwork story

When fitting in, means standing out: Why hiring for diversity AND culture fit makes the best startup teams

Better recruitment January 14, 2016
Everyone's talking about diversity of thinking and building the ultimate startup teams. So what's the recipe we should be following to build creative, productive environments and how does culture fit relate to all this?
Looking through binoculars - the big year
Christmas Dog

Christmas recruiting tips: the pre-hiring, recruitment checklist

Better recruitment December 8, 2015
If you're planning to hire in the first quarter of 2016, it's worth running through a quick pre-hiring, recruitment checklist while you're still this side of Christmas, just to make sure you'll be ready to dive straight in when you get back to the office come January. There's nothing worse that getting stuck into hiring, just as the year is starting to ramp up and realising you don't have your ducks in a row.
HRTech Fest 2015 infographic

#HRTF15 Day Two: The last day of the best HRTech festival we’ve seen for aaaages

Better recruitment December 2, 2015
With a slightly later start to day (maybe on account of the scorching 36+ degree heat!) the room was buzzing with HR professionals who’re keen to kick in to another day of inspiration and ideas - this time with a good dose of lively debate.
Thanksgiving dinner cutting the turkey with a big knife while wearing cosy pants

Startup Thanksgiving: great advice that’s not about holidays or leftovers

Growing weirdly November 30, 2015
Here at Weirdly, we're really big on gratitude. Some of our favourite things to be thankful for are the clever, wise and sometimes plain funny nuggets of startup advice people have given us along the way. So we thought we'd give you an opportunity to share yours.

The hard truth of keeping your focus in a startup: Letting those houses burn

Growing weirdly November 25, 2015
Letting houses burn is a part of growing a business fast. It's the inevitable result of real, useful focus. It's hard, and sometimes costs you in the long term, but this is the reality of startup – you’re juggling elephant-sized passion with teacup-pig resources so you’ve got to be ruthless about where and when you spend your attention.
too many people packed in a pool

Talent Pooling before Christmas: Build a database now, and hit the ground running in the new year

Better recruitment November 19, 2015
When you have a talent pool, people will already feel engaged with you and your brand, so will feel great about hearing from you. Isn't that much better than a cold-call from a headhunter? The future of employment sure thinks so.
Weirdly says retention isn't about awkward hugs

How to improve retention: Keeping employees around for the long haul isn’t (always) about cake.

Better recruitment November 13, 2015
You spend a lot of time finding, interviewing, and training your employees. So it’s not ideal if they up and leave 6 months after starting the job. You have to go through the whole tedious process again from the beginning, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find someone as good. With that in mind, here’s how to look after your people (so they don't want to leave).

Seven questions to ask in an interview (so you’ll get the job you actually want)

Better recruitment November 11, 2015
Interviews are a two way street. Here are seven questions to ask in an interview that'll make you stand out, and help you decide if you really want the job.
NZ Innovation - Burt Munro

The best innovation culture in the world: The dark side of NZ’s No.8 wire mentality

Growing weirdly November 4, 2015
Building an embedded "culture of innovation" is one of the most common goals for businesses these days. So considering how successfully NZ has done this as a nation, why aren't we producing more world-leading, innovative businesses? Given how many truly clever, world-leading solutions we create here, only a relatively small number of those make the global impact they deserve so the burning question is, why?
Weirdly wins an Innovation Award
All Black scrum teamwork

Developing a culture of feedback (and avoiding those weird grumpy meetings)

Growing weirdly October 29, 2015
Giving and receiving feedback is as hard as it is necessary. And from our experience, the key to making it feel less difficult is to do it more – to make it part of your everyday.
weird and quirky questions for interviewing
Get more jazz hands in your candidate experience

Just add jazz-hands: 5 ways to improve your candidate experience

Better recruitment October 13, 2015
It used to be job seekers who had to dust off their best outfits, and practice their firm, but friendly handshake. Now it’s your turn. If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to start that relationship off with a bang with an awesome candidate experience.
Weirdly Culture Bootcamp header

Join us at the Culture Bootcamp

Growing weirdly October 9, 2015
We’re hosting a small event - a Culture Bootcamp.You'll hear from three of NZ’s most experienced culture experts who’ll be sharing war stories and their hard-won tips and secrets. You’ll uncover out what great culture and values could look like in your unique business as well as learn practical tips for creating (and keeping!) a healthy one.
Weirdly control deck
Scaling your startup culture (like a dinosaur)

Scaling startup culture: How to grow without losing your soul

Better recruitment September 15, 2015
Building (and then describing) your company culture is hard. Scaling startup culture gets even harder. In this post, Kirsti Grant (Former VP of Talent at Vend), shares her thoughts on how it can be done.
Celebrating start up growth with Weirdly #growthsprint

How to triple revenue in 6 weeks: Lessons we learned from the Weirdly #growthsprint

Growing weirdly September 11, 2015
Almost two weeks after #growthsprint, we’ve recovered enough to view the experience with some perspective. In the spirit of honestly sharing this whole techy startup adventure with the world, here are a few things we learned – and that we’d do differently next time.
Spikeish by Mathias Lentoft
Get a better job application process NOW

Your job application process is boring: Here’s why you need to care, and fast.

Better recruitment September 7, 2015
Boring, tired, process-heavy — let’s face it. Traditional recruiting experiences just don’t make you attractive to the exciting talent. But admitting you have a problem is the first step to beating it. Here's why building a better recruitment process is vital to creating the culture you want.
Fletcher Building Cool Graduate Campaign

Fletcher Building: When graduate recruitment campaigns meet unconscious bias

Better recruitment August 26, 2015
Fletcher Building's new Graduate Recruitment Campaign is aiming to eliminate unconscious bias, as well as being crazy-fun for the applicants.
Weirdly Natural Language Analysis

The new Weirdly natural language analysis: It turns your free text questions into insight machines

Growing weirdly August 24, 2015
With our new text analysis feature (AKA donuts), you'll be able to get meaningful insights about your applicant's personality, based on the text answers they've submitted. That's flash, bro.
Weirdly lego team
Sebastian Hallum Clarke at Weirdly

Leaving the nest: Seb goes to Princeton

Growing weirdly August 13, 2015
Sebastian leaves Weirdly at the end of this week to begin his undergraduate study at Princeton University, where he plans to study computer science and finance. One day, he hopes to found his own startup. You can follow his adventures on Twitter as @sebthedev.
Weirdly mobile job application

6 of the best: Our favourite Weirdly recruitment questions for 2015 (so far)

Better recruitment August 11, 2015
A selection of our favourite 2015 Weirdly quiz questions - some slider and some free text. Have a read, be inspired and start imagining how fun you could make YOUR candidate process:
Always be recruiting good morning vietnam

Always be recruiting: Why panic-hiring isn’t necessary (or great for business)

Better recruitment August 10, 2015
Betting on the perfect person being available when you finally decide you need to hire someone is super-risky. We reckon applying an "always be recruiting" strategy is the way to grow smarter and hire better.
POW - you just got hit with a Weirdly analytics report

Weirdly #growthsprint: Our analytics reports just went full noise

Growing weirdly August 6, 2015
Last week we intro'd you to the woopty line thing, now we're dropping the full noise analytics report on you. This thing is going to be a gold-mine of insights about how people are completing your quizzes, which ads or sourcing channels are sending you the best quality applicants, and when and where people are getting stuck.
Weirdly #growthsprint birthday cakes

Weirdly #growthsprint Week Two: Best month ever

Growing weirdly August 3, 2015
We kept the #growthsprint energy high this week – with new people starting, lots of exciting media stuff, launches out the wazoo and Dale’s birthday to wrap it all up.
Weirdly analytics

Weirdly #growthsprint: Did someone say ANALYTICS? (part one)

Growing weirdly July 29, 2015
We’ve just released our latest feature and it's a doozy. Spoiler alert: Get your nerd glasses ready because this involves some jazzy analytics.
#growthsprint week1 results

Weirdly #growthsprint Week One: Living the startup hustle and feeling the love

Growing weirdly July 26, 2015
We kicked off our #growthsprint with a hiss and a roar last week. Energy is high, the team is motivated and client signups are going through the roof; Best week ever.
Weirdly Retail interview tips
#growthsprint like a rugby kid
Retail recruitment is frustratingly manual, as this window sign would attest

Retail recruitment: Waging war on over the counter resume drops

Better recruitment July 17, 2015
Let's face it, over the counter resume drops are as frustrating for your job applicants as they are for you. Weirdly can make that particular headache, go right away.
This candidate love Weirdly with both thumbs

Startup Life: Keeping the faith at 2am (candidates love Weirdly, they really love us!)

Growing weirdly July 15, 2015
Building a startup is an emotional rollercoaster - especially at 2am. That's why getting awesome feedback about our candidate experience from real-life job applicants feels like Vin Diesel hitting that boost button.
You may be saying no, but this lady is still happy about it

Recruitment tricks: Increasing sales through the art of saying no.

Better recruitment July 13, 2015
Imagine the impact you could have on your employer brand, marketing and even sales if you turned saying no into a positive brand-building experience.

Weirdly Update: Embeddable quizzes, sourcing help and brain-to-brain email

Updates July 8, 2015
We've added a few tasty features in the latest update, including the ability for you to embed your Weirdly recruitment quiz into your company website.

Stuff we’ve learned: How to get the most out of trade shows and exhibition booths

Growing weirdly June 26, 2015
Taking an exhibition booth at an industry conference is an awesome way to hit new prospective clients, but when you're a new startup with a small budget, it can be tricky to stand out. Here are some things we tried, some stuff to avoid and the best tricks we found for next time you're exhibiting.
Weirdly and TradeMe Jobs integration like yeeooww!!

Weirdly Integrations: TradeMe Jobs for awesome-sauce sourcing

Growing weirdly June 22, 2015
We recently announced we were working on a series of integrations to help Weirdly sit more comfortably in your recruitment process. Integration #1 is now live! You can now launch your quiz and post it directly to TradeMe Jobs job-board with one click.

Building a company culture: celebrate all the things

Growing weirdly May 29, 2015
We know that a culture of celebration makes for happier teams. We also know happier teams are heaps more productive. So how can we all build this kind of celebratory, productive culture? Here are 5 ways we're doing it (and 4 arguments for why it's important!).

Free stuff from Weirdly: A blatant play for your affections

Growing weirdly May 28, 2015
Keen to get your hands on Weirdly and test whether it'll work in your business? Kinda pressed for time though and not sure how to start setting up your own quiz? We're offering a limited time consulting hour: Helping you define your organisational culture and design a quiz that'll highlight the right applicants.

Building a talent pool: Like fishing in a bucket

Better recruitment May 20, 2015
Imagine having a talent pool of brilliant people with the right skills and drive just waiting to work for you? It's a recruitment dream, right? Weirdly recruitment software can make that easy.

Recruitment tricks: How to write great recruitment ads and get your budget working harder.

Better recruitment May 5, 2015
Making massive impact is really, really easy if you’ve got heaps of money to throw at your sourcing – carpet the job-boards, use video game characters to attract targets, create clever viral video campaigns with one of the world’s top ad agencies.

The great sourcing cheat-sheet: 10 places you should be sharing your job links

Better recruitment April 17, 2015
So you’ve set up your Weirdly quiz, it’s bursting with your unique brand personality and you’re ready for your next employee superstar to come whizzing through the virtual door. Before Weirdly can work, those great candidates have to find you. That means, spreading your quiz link far and wide.

Same-same, but different: Why workplace diversity isn’t about ticking boxes

Better recruitment March 23, 2015
We get asked heaps about workplace diversity. “If you’re qualifying all candidates against an ‘ideal match’, don’t you end up recruiting a company of homogenous drones that’ll destroy your carefully crafted diversity programme in their tidal wave of sameness?”

Nurturing Weirdos: Our why-to guide for workplace diversity

Better recruitment March 6, 2015
Clay Forsberg (holder of the greatest job title ever) recently posted an article about how we should be recognising and celebrating our Weirdos. One particular quote really resonated with me:

Get naked: Why we should all be baring our tech start-up failures

Growing weirdly February 19, 2015
Founding a tech start-up is insanely exciting and at times, completely terrifying. The speed, oh man. The speed things are moving is mental but you’re somehow still constantly anxious about everything taking too long.

Weirdos levelling up: New year, new investors, new board of directors.

Growing weirdly February 9, 2015
2015 – the year we change the world. Or rather, the year our clients change the world.

The weirdest interview questions ever from Zappos, Apple, Airbnb

Better recruitment August 8, 2014
We see great, weird questions popping up everyday by people using our system. One of these days we might be able to compile a few of these into our own list that you guys can use to inspire yourselves - no matter what side of the interview desk you're sitting.

Hannah Duder wins $10,000 for “Tinder for voting” concept from The Shoulder Tap campaign

Custom Campaigns June 22, 2014
Swipe right if you like, left if you don't. Candidate, an app that works the same way as popular match-making app Tinder, will aim to inform young people about politics and encourage them to participate in the upcoming election.

#theshouldertap: Hey, that’s us, on Idealog

Custom Campaigns June 12, 2014
We've just been profiled on the Idealog website as the software behind Derek Handley's #theshouldertap campaign. It's a little win, but we'll take it.

The Shoulder Tap goes live

Custom Campaigns May 3, 2014
We've been a bit quiet lately and here's why. We've been beavering away on the launch of Derek Handley's new recruitment campaign called The Shoulder Tap.

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