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Looking at the candidate profiles, what do the numbers next to the question answers mean?

This relates to our super-secret algorithm. But just between you and me, that number tells you how far away the candidate’s answer is from your ideal one.

What data/analytics do I have access to while I’m using Weirdly?

When you’re on a $99 plan or above, you get access to our full quiz analytics. Here you can see all the usual stuff like the time of day applications come through and what sources they came from. But you can also see cool stuff like which sources are providing the highest ranking applications and […]

How do I email candidates?

You can send email to candidates individually by clicking the little envelope icon. Or if you like to work in bulk (and let’s face it, who doesn’t sometimes!?), you can click into the list or “bucket” you want to send to and click “send all” in the top menu. eg. If you wanted to send […]

Why are there four lists of candidates?

We’ve set up “virtual buckets” so it’s easy for you to organise your candidates. You won’t lose any data by moving people into buckets, just drag and drop candidates into whichever bucket fits them best! You can export, email and do any other management tasks you like from within any of the buckets: New – […]

Why have free text and url answers if they can’t be ranked?

Our rankable question formats (sliders, yes/no, ordered list) are great for getting an insight into your candidate’s values and character. Every now and then though, you want to go a bit deeper – find out what a candidate thinks in their own words or have them share something a little more personal to them. That’s […]

How does the ranking and scoring work?

We have a super-secret algorithm based on the difference between your ideal answer, and the candidate’s actual answer. Frankly, it’s a major secret and if we told you, we’d have to kill you. You can probably work it out if you look real hard at the candidate results on our sample quiz, but don’t tell […]

How do the text analysis donuts work?

At the top of your candidate’s application you may see a set of three colourful donuts. This is where we’ve used text analysis and natural language processing to pull out a few key insights into your applicant’s personality. These insights are based on the text they’ve submitted as part of any text-based questions in your […]