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How to Integrate Snaphire and Weirdly

You need to login to Snaphire as an administrator. If you do so, you will have an apps tab.   This will take you to the Snaphire Talent App Store. You can find the Weirdly app listed under Assessments. Give it a click and you’ll be taken to our app page.   Once you’ve installed […]

What is a satisfy threshold?

In some of our integrations, we ask for a ‘satisfy threshold’. This is the minimum percentage of weirdly fit that you want your candidates to have before you will consider them. Some integrations will only show you candidates that have met the satisfy threshold, so it is important not to set this too high (or […]

What are the Startup screening assessment questions measuring?

Your SmartRecruiter Startup screening assessment is comprised of 30 scenario-based questions measuring the following attributes: Audacity/Fearlessness: This person thrives on challenging the impossible – they’re driven to push beyond the status quo. They’re prepared to push boundaries and, by extension, the limits of what we believe to be possible. Curious: Full of questions, this person […]

Browser / Device support

We’ve designed Weirdly to be mobile friendly. But we’re a big fan of desktops too – we currently support these browsers and operating systems: Internet Explorer 9 and later Chrome Firefox Safari If you or your candidates happen to be using an older browser, you’ll get a notification at the top of the screen that’ll […]

Can Weirdly integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Yep! At the moment we’ve got working integrations with SmartRecruiters, Lever and Snaphire. We’ve also got a whole heap of exiting integrations with other Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s) in the works – we’d love to know which one you use so we can add it to our plans. In the meantime, many of our clients […]

Does weirdly integrate with Job Boards?

Job boards like TradeMe Jobs, Seek and Glassdoor are a really popular way to find great candidates. At the moment, Weirdly integrates with TradeMe, many others will let you add your Weirdly link to a normal job ad and we’re also working on adding more integrations as fast as we can. If you’ve got a […]

How do you know the SmartRecruiters quiz results are valid?

Each assessment is built by our Psych&Data team. This team is really experienced in building custom surveys and assessments for a range of industries and business sectors. The question bank that forms each assessment also contains questions that have been rigorously tested across the 30,000 real-life candidates who have applied for jobs using our screening […]