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None of my candidates are from the EU. Why is my company still included in application history lists on a candidate profile?

The vast majority of Weirdly clients are recruiting globally. This means they’re likely to attract applicants from the EU. Even if you’re not focussed globally, if you’ve advertised your job anywhere on the web, you run the risk of a rogue applicant from an EU nation stumbling across your ad and completing your quiz. Add […]

What are Weirdly’s responsibilities as a third-party processor?

The GDPR puts equal liability on data controllers (the organization that owns the data) and data processors (outside organizations that help manage that data). If you have a third-party processor not in compliance, that means your organization is not in compliance either. The new regulation also has strict rules for reporting breaches that everyone in […]

I thought GDPR was just for EU countries. Why is Weirdly affected?

Any company that stores or processes personal information about EU citizens within EU states must comply with the GDPR, even if their business isn’t based in the EU. To get really specific, that means any company who has: A presence in an EU country. No presence in the EU, but processes the personal data of […]

Candidates think they’re applying for a job at my company, so won’t they think it’s weird their data is being stored by a company they’ve never heard of?

In a nutshell, yes. This is why as we’re notifying candidates about the portal, we’re telling them exactly how we came to get their data – they applied for a job at <insert your company name here>. This lets the candidate feel reassured that everything is above board, and also gives you a few extra […]

Why build a portal for candidates, instead of just handling delete requests as they come in?

At Weirdly we’re really passionate about empowering candidates to be proactive in managing their work lives. Giving them visibility and some control over their candidate profiles is the first step.

Can candidates see their quiz results on their candidate profile?

Yes and no. They’ll be able to click into a summarised report for each assessment. This will show their answers to each question, but won’t show any information about the value they’re being assessed against or how their answers compare to other applicants. It’s THEIR data only, none of the extra analysis bits that you […]

What are “candidate profiles”?

Candidate profiles sit on a portal where anyone who has applied for a job via Weirdly can access, download and delete their own data. Candidates log in and see the identifying info Weirdly has for them – photos, name, email address, IP addresses (per assessment), the companies they’ve completed assessments for, what answers they gave […]

We use Weirdly integrated with our ATS. Will candidates opting to delete data automatically delete them out of my ATS as well?

No. Only your ATS can delete the candidate out of their database so that’s out of our hands. You or your ATS will need to manage those requests directly with the candidate.

How long does Weirdly keep candidate data for?

Until a candidate requests we delete it. The more data we collect and the longer we’re working with it, the more sophisticated and useful our tool becomes – for you AND for the candidates. We’ve got big plans for adding value to candidates’ lives while also informing and helping improve your recruitment strategies.

What impact does deleted candidate data have on my quiz validity?

Firstly, we won’t set your quiz live if it’s not already pre-validated to a point we’re all happy with. We’ll be honest though, if 90% of your candidates opted to delete their data it would make it much harder for us to post-validate. Post-validation allows us to refine your quiz even further and make it […]