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How do I copy or duplicate a quiz?

To duplicate an already existing quiz within your account, navigate to the dashboard. You can get here by clicking the Weirdly logo or this will be the page you see when you first sign in. When you see a list of quizzes you know you’re in the right place. Find the quiz you’d like to […]

Is there a question bank I can choose from?

Yep! Along with a team of experienced recruiters, qualitative and psychometric researchers and a big gang of testers, we’ve built a question bank that you’re free to pillage as much as you’d like. You can also select questions you like from this bank and edit the language. This includes re-writing everything in pirate-english, if that’s […]

Can I customise my quiz?

Basic Template (Free) You can upload image banners (1920x450pixels, jpg format) to make your quiz look and feel like your brand. They’ll rotate so you can upload a few of these. We recommend aiming for 3-5 and using imagery that’ll help candidates get a real idea of what you’re about. Custom re-skin ($POA) This is […]

How do I know which questions are best for my company or role?

Start by asking, what are the key attributes I’m looking for? What are the unique characteristics my best people have that aren’t technical skills? What makes my business different and what do we value? Then choose questions that test if a candidate has those traits. Our pre-crafted question bank is broken down into basic categories […]

How do I set the answer for each question?

Rank your questions by selecting your ideal answer in the quiz builder. Same goes with the ordered list questions only you drag and drop the list items into your ideal order (best at the top, least-best at the bottom). It’s like WWJD but switch out the J with Your Ideal Candidate. WWYICD?

How do I know what the “ideal” rank should be for each question?

The quickest way is for you to embody your absolute perfect, ideal candidate and rank the question the way you reckon they would. If you have time, you could send the quiz to some of the team to check the ranking. You can then make some tweaks if necessary before you send it out to […]

How many questions should my quiz have?

We’ve found 12-18 questions is optimal for a quiz. The ideal format is around 12-14 rankable questions (slider, custom slider, ordered list, yes/no), between one and three free text or URL questions, and then one or two Deal breakers. Much more than 20 in total and it all starts feeling a bit tough for your […]

When should I use custom questions?

Custom questions are a great way to showcase your company’s brand. You can use our pre-crafted questions as start-point and then zhuzh it up so it sounds a bit more “you”. Or you can write from scratch. The world, as they say, is your linguistic oyster.

If a particular trait is super important to me, can I make that question worth more in the ranking calculation?

This one’s on our list of Cool Features To Develop Next. In the meantime, if there are characteristics that are particularly important to you, we suggest asking a couple of different questions that explore the same trait.

When should I use a Deal breaker question?

Dealbreakers should only be used when there’s no way a candidate can be considered if they answer incorrectly. For example, Do you have Residency or a valid working permit? Candidates who don’t choose your ideal answer on a deal breaker will automatically be filtered into the unsuitable bucket. Sorry mate!