Finally, a better soft skills assessment for all you SmartRecruiters.

Introduce a fun, light soft skill screening step into your current recruitment process, without ever having to leave your SmartRecruiters dashboard.

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What are my integration options?

A Weirdly JobPages integration with SmartRecruiters lets you put your awesome, candidate experience right at the front of your process. People hit the “apply” button on your career site and are sent straight through to your own customised Weirdly quiz.

A second stage Weirdly integration means your candidates are sent your quiz after they’ve completed the initial application. You choose the right Weirdly quiz from the SmartRecruiters marketplace – either totally customised to you, or one of our off-the-shelf options.

Manage it all from within SmartRecruiters

Manage your Weirdly screening assessments directly from within your own SmartRecruiters account. Assessment reports attach automatically to your candidate profiles.

Speed up screening by only viewing the best candidates

Using customised, validated questions, Weirdly screens candidates for how well they’ll enhance your organisational values. Our engine uses machine learning to keep refining your questions as your culture evolves.

Create an awesome candidate experience

Weirdly feels fun and light for your candidates. Unlike some of the heavier assessments out there, it keeps your process engaging and supports all that hard work you’ve done on your employer brand.

“I’ve been in recruitment for 13 years and it was one of the most engaging experiences I had recruiting for myself, and had very positive feedback from applicants too.”
Shereen Low
Madison Recruitment

Keep your candidate experience awesome, even at assessment stage.

Weirdly is mobile-friendly and gives your applicants a fun, engaging experience with your employer brand.

Find out more about how it works

Keen to find out more about how it all works? Interested in getting your own custom screening assessment? Drop us a message and we’ll take you through how to integrate Weirdly assessments into your SmartRecruiters hiring pipeline.