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Getting started – Step 1: Pick a few characteristics

To get started on your dashboard, click ‘Create new quiz’ in the right top corner

Pick a few characteristics – Choose between 3 and 6 ideal characteristics you are looking for in the person that fits your role or team culture.

Pick how weird you want your quiz to be – This’ll just change the tone of the language within the quiz so it’s either slightly conservative or more casual. eg:

You notice one of your colleagues is having a bad day. What do you do?.
You notice one of your colleagues has got a major case of the Mondays. What do you do?

Then just enter the job title – This will be the name of your quiz e.g. Account Manager. On the finished quiz, your company name will sit right next to this title.

If you don’t already have a Weirdly account, you’ll be prompted to enter a couple of extra detail here so we can set up your profile.

Next step: Preview your quiz