Home KnowledgeBase Smart Recruiters What are the Startup screening assessment questions measuring?

Your SmartRecruiter Startup screening assessment is comprised of 30 scenario-based questions measuring the following attributes:

Audacity/Fearlessness: This person thrives on challenging the impossible – they’re driven to push beyond the status quo. They’re prepared to push boundaries and, by extension, the limits of what we believe to be possible.

Curious: Full of questions, this person is driven by the quest to know more. They’re exploratory and love understanding more about things.

Determined/Hungry: Setting goals and not quitting until they’re achieved is what drives this person. They’ve got a great ability to focus on the objective and push hard until they get there. They understand working in a startup requires sacrifice and are comfortable with working harder (and longer hours) if that’s what it takes to succeed.

Doer: When these guys have an idea, they get moving on it right away. They’re action people – endlessly planning or having those high level strategic conversations can feel frustrating. They’re decisive and thrive on getting things done.

Flexible/Adaptable: These people are comfortable with change. They can be agile and reactive when they need to be – they cope well with pivots and plans changing at short notice.

Optimistic disposition: In high pressure environments, these people enjoy being part of a team. The social aspect of a high performing team is important to them and they tend to participate happily in bonding-type activities (like sharing jokes and celebrating wins together).

Initiative: This person tends to be proactive in trying out solutions to a challenge before asking for help. They’re often good at applying common sense to address an issue or meet a requirement without a lot of hand-holding.

Passion-led: There’s a greater goal at stake for this person. They generally don’t see their work as “just a job” – they’re often driven by a higher purpose. It’s important to this person that they feel a connection to your big mission.

Resilient: Being able to manage sustained pressure, and get back up after failure is an important attribute in these people. Resilient people can take a few knocks, and keep striving forward, even when things feel tough.