Home KnowledgeBase Reviewing Applications Why are there four lists of candidates?

We’ve set up “virtual buckets” so it’s easy for you to organise your candidates. You won’t lose any data by moving people into buckets, just drag and drop candidates into whichever bucket fits them best! You can export, email and do any other management tasks you like from within any of the buckets:

New – All candidates arrive in this bucket when their details are submitted, unless they have answered a dealbreaker question incorrectly. If that’s the case, they’ll automatically be funelled into the Unsuitable bucket.

Longlist – Candidates can be moved into this bucket by clicking and dragging. This list is usually for when a candidate is moving to the second stage in your recruitment process (eg. you’ve decided to call them or meet them in person).

Shortlist – Candidates can be moved into this list by clicking and dragging. People usually use this list for the most promising candidates – often the ones they’re planning to progress to the final stage of their recuitment process.

Dealbreaker – You can move candidates into this bucket by clicking and dragging. This is where you move anyone who isn’t quite the right fit for your role. The only time candidates will automatically be funnelled into this bucket is if they’ve answered a deal breaker question incorrectly.