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Custom branded weirdly quizBasic Template (Free)

You can upload image banners (1920x450pixels, jpg format) to make your quiz look and feel like your brand. They’ll rotate so you can upload a few of these. We recommend aiming for 3-5 and using imagery that’ll help candidates get a real idea of what you’re about.

Custom re-skin ($POA)

This is the same awesome Weirdly quiz, fancy-style. Our team of design whizz-kids will apply your branding, fonts, imagery and colour schemes to the whole candidate-facing site. Meaning you get a Weirdly quiz that feels like a totally branded application experience for your candidates. You can see examples of a template site if you click through to our live jobs page.

Custom re-build ($POA)

This is the option for you if you want not only a totally customised look and feel, but you also want added functions or a wider campaign built around your Weirdly quiz. Some Custom Re-Builds have included features like questions that integrate a twitter interaction (for lots of publicity-generation), multi-choice questions that use an interactive image instead of a boring check-list, additional website pages that house campaign video content or other information. As an example, check out The Shoulder Tap campaign.