Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last

If the ATS market was a coming-of-age movie, Greenhouse would be the new kid who arrived and became star quarterback overnight. They’re popular, great looking, holding down straight-As and a member of every extra-curricular club or activity you can imagine. 

The big appeal for many Greenhouse users (aside from that 🔥UI/UX) is the range of features and integrations they offer. We’re chuffed to add Weirdly to that list. Pre-screening for soft-skills has never been easier for Greenhouse users (or more fun for their candidates). 

Sound like a bit of you? The first step is to book a demo with our crew so they can run specific use-cases using your own unique requirements, as well as show you all the shiny bells and whistles.  

Once you’re onboard, here’s an example of how some Greenhouse users are already integrating Weirdly into their process:

Step 1: Add a Weirdly quiz to your job. 

This is as simple as just choosing “add Weirdly” from a dropdown in your usual job set up page. One click and it’s done. Honestly, I wish it were more complicated so this paragraph didn’t have to be so short.

Step 2: Automatically invite candidates to complete your Weirdly soft skills assessment.

For your candidate, the experience is just as seamless. They apply for your job the usual way – clicking on a jobboard ad, directly from your career site, via your facebook page – however you’re sourcing your candidates. Once they’ve submitted their initial application details, an email is automatically sent with a link to complete your Weirdly quiz. The email is branded with your logo and text can be customised to you which gives your candidates additional employer brand exposure.

Step 3: Review the best candidate profiles

Each candidate in Greenhouse who completes a Weirdly assessment is automatically tagged with a score range so you can see at a glance which candidates have the soft skills you need.

Clicking into the candidate profile allows you to download their full Weirdly assessment. You’ll be able to see how they answered each question and how those questions relate to the soft skills you’ve chosen to test. 

Simple, huh? Three steps – one of which is totally automated. So really, two steps.

Two tiny steps for recruiters, one giant leap for your hiring process.

But don’t take our word for it. One of our customers who has been trialling our Greenhouse integration recently sent us this: 

“Using Weirdly with Greenhouse has been amazing – it allows me to give a world-class candidate experience, without ever having to leave my Greenhouse dashboard. We’re getting amazing results in the NXS feature that weirdly provides too, showing that candidates love the process as much as we do!”

That NXS feature mentioned? That’s a metric we use to report on your candidate experience. That’s right, a real, qualifiable number that you can use to measure how good a candidate experience you’re delivering. Strictly speaking, this isn’t just a WeirdlyXGreenhouse feature, it’s available across all our ATS integrations. We also offer it as a module to those brands (like Bumble and Atlassian) using Weirdly as an engagement tool on their careers site. 

So if you’re using Greenhouse to manage your applicant workflows, Weirdly can help make your candidate experience feel more branded and engaging. Oh, and if you like saving up to ⅓ of your screening time, Weirdly delivers that too. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Book a personalised demo with one of our team now.

Make your recruitment MORE inclusive with…screening assessments?

Supporting diversity should always be a top priority when designing your screening assessments. For the Weirdly team, it’s been one of our biggest drivers since we wrote our first line of code. Screening assessments that reduce volume and make awesome candidate experiences don’t have to come at the cost of your inclusive, diversity-driving recruitment strategy.

That’s why we run every custom Weirdly question bank through a battery of diversity-qualifying tests.

What’s a custom Weirdly question bank?

If you’re already a Weirdly fan/user feel free to skip this section. For those of you unfamiliar with our awesome screening assessments, here’s the 101:

Weirdly custom assessments test candidates for alignment to your core values and work best early on in your recruitment process – either first stage/pre-application (like an expressions of interest quiz) or post-application. We design each quiz so it’s bespoke to your organisation. That means it looks and feels like you, with your branding, colours, and the kind of engaging interactions your candidates will expect from your brand. But most importantly, that customisation extends to creating a bank of validated questions that reflect your unique culture and values.

Girl looks fabulous just like Weirdly makes your employer brand look and sound

Don’t hide your fabulous away behind default text, guurl

New psych vs Old psych is all about embracing diversity

This is where Weirdly has been described as “new psych” – differentiating us from the staid, “old psych” approach favoured by many of the other assessment tools used in the industry.  

Old psych is based in a very static, one-size-fits-all approach – it rewards uniformity and monoculture. We believe better assessments – more valuable and inclusive assessments – are ones that allow for a more flexible, customised approach. One that not only recognizes how different people and company cultures are, but sees that as a strength – something to be leaned into and enhanced. It’s about celebrating the diversity of different company cultures on offer to candidates, as much as it is about helping those companies build diverse teams.

We’re not throwing the baby out with the bath water, our internal psych team use traditional validation methods to make sure each quiz is rigorously tested and performs as it should. What’s different is we’re not only referencing global or generic norm groups for that validation (old psych standard practice). With Weirdly, your norm group is truly representative of your organisation because it comes from within your own company, and is then continuously post-validated against the candidates you have applying and getting hired.

How do we make sure Weirdly quizzes are as inclusive as possible?

Every quiz and question bank is run through a battery of tests to make sure it’s going to support your diversity strategy. Our team (alongside yours) work to make sure we’re reducing potential for discrimination down to the absolute minimum. That includes things like:

Eliminating gender-bias in word choice by running all questions and copy through tools like This also includes using gender-neutral pronouns across the board.

Being inclusive of diverse education levels. By using the Flesch-Kincaid readability checker across every Weirdly quiz we can make sure language complexity is set at approx a 6th-8th grade reading level. Incidentally, this is the same standard major media channels aim for.

Ensuring balanced representation in imagery for our gold level animated or illustrated quizzes. It’s about showcasing people with a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnic identities, ages and abilities.

Using inclusive scenarios for experience-based questions. That means, for example, we’ll take care to frame a sports-related question in a way that’s really inclusive of wheelchair users. And we (mostly) make Jamie resist his urge to write quizzes based entirely around early 90’s hip-hop culture.

This month we’ve also kicked off our latest accessibility project. Our UX crew are systematically auditing and tweaking our user experience (first for candidates, then for customer admins). This will mean our customers can make their Weirdly quiz as easy to complete for someone with dyslexia or vision impairment, as it is for someone without those challenges.

The recognition that “diversity is strength” for an organisation isn’t going anywhere. The opportunity to actively drive that forward is in your hands as recruiters and people-professionals so it’s super-important to make sure your HRTech tools are up to the challenge.

Is creating an inclusive application experience important to your recruiting team? Pick a time now to talk to one of our team about how Weirdly can improve your process.

Read this quick! Weirdly timed screening questions are here

This announcement is going to be straight to the point – the clock is ticking and there’s no time to waste! At least, that’s what your candidates will be saying when they see our new timed questions feature.

Ba Dum Tsssssh!

But seriously, timed questions are one of the features we get asked for a lot – particularly by our customers who are hiring for high performance cultures or in pressured customer facing roles.

We know allowing fair-but-modest time allocations on certain questions can encourage more honest, revealing answers.  The other benefit is that how a candidate performs on a timed question can help you understand how decisive they are, or how well they might operate in a pressured situation. If your organisational culture puts a lot of stock in high performance, competitiveness or grit, getting as much insight into those things as early as possible in your candidate relationship is crucial. Composing a brilliant answer to a free text question when there’s a blinking timer counting down the seconds is bound to get the heart rate up.


How do Weirdly timed questions work, exactly?

You can opt to include a timer on any free text question in your Weirdly screening quiz. These might be questions you’ve developed yourself, or ones generated by our in-house psych team and quiz algorithm. Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to customise how long you want the timer to run.

When your candidate gets to that question on your quiz, they’ll see a simple explanation so there are no surprises. Once they start typing their answer, the timer will start counting down. Once time runs out, that’s it. Whatever they’ve written is saved, and they’re automatically moved along to the next question.


Weirdly timed screening questions mobile friendly

Can I see how long a candidate takes to complete my whole quiz?

Yes you can – in two ways, in fact. We’ve always offered the ability to see an overall average completion time on the Quiz Analytics  – per quiz and per question. Along with this new timed question feature though, we’ve added some bonus individualised completion time info to each candidate’s report. Now you can see how long a specific candidate took to submit your quiz right there on their profile.


Timed Weirdly screening quiz candidate report annotated


Is this available on custom and ATS-integrated Weirdly quizzes?

Yep! Any new Weirdly quiz created for you can include a timed question – whether you’ve got a simple Bronze level customisation or you’re ringing all the bells and whistles with a Gold level theme. All of our first and second stage ATS integrations support this feature as well so you won’t notice any disruption to exisiting process. There’ll just be a useful new piece of data on your candidate reports when you open them.


Could timed screening questions help you assess candidates for resilience (or performance under pressure? or writing proficiency? or attention to detail? and the list goes on…). We’d love to give you a bit more info about how this could work in your own process. Click below to choose a demo time with one of our team.


Weirdly language translation: A properly global candidate experience

Bonjour! Kia Ora! 你好! Olá!

Whatever language your candidates use to say hi, Weirdly’s right there with our new translation feature.

Gone are the days where a global recruitment means watering down your candidate experience to a boring, easily-translatable ATS application form. With this new feature you can showcase your employer brand, give candidates a peek at your organisational culture and inject a bit of fun right at the front of your application process, in any language you like.

This guy is as chuffed as we are about recruiting in Mandarin

How does Weirdly work in different languages?

First, for any newbies here, Weirdly produces simple, fully-customised quizzes that integrate into your current recruitment process. These not only transform your application process into a world-class candidate experience, they also screen every single applicant for alignment with your core organisational values. That means faster screening (as we pre-qualify based on alignment), higher candidate engagement and ultimately, better quality hires that don’t churn.

Until now, we could only offer this improved candidate experience in english speaking recruitment campaigns – not ideal for any of our larger, global customers. So we built them a feature you all get to benefit from.

Being able to serve the same screening quiz in different languages has the obvious advantage of giving applicants all around the world, a consistent and inclusive employee brand experience. Particularly awesome for our customers who’re recruiting customer-facing, retail or hospo roles.


With an ATS Integration:

If you’re using Weirdly integrated into your ATS process, your quiz will automatically be attached to each job ad, in the language of that ad. So say you’re advertising a role on a major US job-board, with a Chinese version posted on WeChat. The WeChat ad will automatically be linked to your Chinese language Weirdly quiz, while the English version will be attached to the US job board ad. This linking is done automatically in your ATS without you having to click any extra buttons – keeping it super simple!

Hiring in brazil? Sem problemas!

Without an ATS integration:

Whether you’re running a campaign outside your usual ATS process, or hosting an expressions of interest/talent pooling job on your career site, a Weirdly quiz is a brilliant way to attract and engage with your applicants. People clicking into your custom quiz will be presented with language options to choose from. On selecting their preferred language, they’ll be able to click straight through and complete the questions in their preferred language. Such an easy way to create an inclusive, accessible candidate experience.


If you’re serious about diversity and inclusion, or recruiting across global markets, engaging with candidates in their preferred language is important. We’re chuffed to offer a way to do that, without compromising on candidate experience. Ka rawe!


Weirdly screening quizzes include a question bank tailored to your company and validated by the Weirdly CultureLab. It’s branded to look and feel like your company, and can be integrated seamlessly with your ATS. Sound cool? Find out how it could slot into your process



WeirdlyNXS: Like NPS, but just for candidate experience

Building great candidate experience can feel like packing your kid an ornate lunchbox, hoping for good feedback but knowing you’re more likely to get a frustratingly ambiguous shrug. Did they love it? Did they hate it? WHO KNOWS!? Meanwhile, you’re stuck periodically sniffing for old sandwiches fermenting under a bed.

Not anymore! Well, not for your candidate experience at least. Our new WeirdlyNXS feature is here to help you put quantifiable certainty around your candidate experience. If you want to talk to someone today about how this might slot into your recruitment process, click here. Unfortunately, you’re still on your own with the lunchbox.

NXS – the X stands for eXperience, not lunchboX.

Weirdly’s new NXS feature borrows the best parts of the NPS (NetPromotorScore) tool, trusted by marketers all over the world, and tweaks it for the specific recruiting context. What does that mean exactly? Well, where NPS reports on customer loyalty based on answers to a simple question, NXS gives you tangible metrics around candidate experience using a similar question.

Why is NPS such a big deal?

Marketers love to talk about how difficult customer/brand relationships are to measure. Everyone agrees a customer’s loyalty to your brand is a pretty good indicator of great things like “buying more products” and “influencing contacts to buy more products”. These are signs a marketer is doing their job well, but loyalty is pretty hard to measure accurately. Enter, NPS.

NetPromoterScore is a simple question, worded and delivered in a specific way, that puts metrics to loyalty. The logic goes, the more loyal a customer feels toward your brand, they’re more likely to actively promote your products to their friends and networks.

Anyone who selects 9 or 10 is flagged as a “promoter” – they’re most likely be great brand ambassadors who spend a lot with you and/or recommend you to everyone they know. People who choose 7 or 8 are labelled “passives”. They’re pretty neutral – maybe not promoting you, but probably not bad-mouthing you either. Anyone scoring you between 0-6 are called “detractors”. These customers are the most likely to be unhappy with your product or service.

Subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters gives you your overall Net Promoter Score. This is the “one metric to rule them all” marketers use to answer the question “how good is our brand loyalty?”.

So why is NPS interesting to recruitment?

Just like with loyalty, putting hard numbers around your candidate experience is notoriously difficult. It’s also incredibly important – as our candidate experience impact calculator demonstrates.

Using the NPS model – very simple format, a single dip-stick metric – we believe it’s possible to create an accurate candidate experience measure. We’re calling it NXS – Net Experience Score.

So how is NXS different?

Measuring your candidate experience is often left as a retrospective exercise, done with successful candidates only. That’s frustrating because it relies on people’s recall and it doesn’t take into account all the other people who experienced the application process.

Recruiters and HR heads are starting to experiment with using the NPS question as a more immediate way to get feedback. At Weirdly, we liked this thinking, but kept getting stuck on the idea that measuring loyalty (like traditional NPS) doesn’t seem like the right metric for candidate experience. Think about it this way:

Imagine you’re an engineer, applying for your dream job at NASA. After completing your application, you’re asked the traditional NPS question. Most of your friends are designers so of course you wouldn’t recommend they apply for THIS job. Does that mean you had a bad candidate experience? Or does it just mean the question is measuring the wrong thing?

So we’ve come up with our own alternative – taking the best bits of NPS, but tweaking the question to better focus on how the candidate rates their experience. WeirdlyNXS cNPSSlotted into the end of Weirdly’s custom screening quizzes, our NXS question is delivered to every single candidate after they’ve hit the submit button. The results are calculated as each candidate responds, then included in the regular reports shared with you by your Weirdly customer Manager.

If you’d like to get real, reportable metrics around candidate experience, choose a time to talk to our team about WeirdlyNXS today!

What is this magic! 15sec video intros at the front of your recruitment process?!

One of the most common features we get requests for is video. Video integration, video interviewing, video screening – basically anything that includes a candidate looking deep into their camera and spilling their truth.

We get it, there’s nothing quite like looking someone in the eye. So we’re super excited to share our latest feature. A video solution we’re sure you’re all going to love. Hold on to your socks, things are about to get very, very cool.

Video screening that’s dead simple – for you and your candidate

Considering video in early stage screening is a no brainer – especially for customer-facing roles where someone’s ability to convey warmth and connect right from the word go is paramount. But noone has time to churn through hours of video.

Our solution is short, sharp and gives you just what you need – 15-30secs, answering one question you can customise yourself. Best of all, it’s seamless for the candidate – so you’re not adding lots of time and clicks at their end and your beautiful candidate experience is being enhanced, not destroyed.

Candidate application selfie video

This could be your candidate. Look at how happy she is about your new, frictionless video application!

How does it work?

For your candidate, the process couldn’t be simpler.

At the end of your super-awesome, custom Weirdly quiz – at the same place they normally drop in their details and upload their resume and/or picture (if you require it), they’ll see a button to upload a video.

Worried your candidates won’t know what they’re clicking on? Don’t be. Hovering on the button or clicking the question mark next to it reveals a helpful blurb to manage expectations.

Clicking the button will reveal your custom question. This could be anything you like, from “You’ve got 30seconds to tell us about your first pet” to “In 15seconds or fewer, explain the theory of relativity”. The clincher is it’s got to be fast. 15-45seconds fast.

The idea is you’re getting a chance to see another side of your candidate, and they’re getting a chance to showcase a bit more of what makes them special. So while these videos might give you a really awesome jumping off point in an interview with this candidate down the line (Hey Charlie, your first pet was a dragon?? Tell me how that came about!), they don’t replace the deep, probing questions you’d ask further through the process.

And if they realise they’ve made a huge mistake – their sound was turned off or they shot the whole thing with the camera pointed at the ceiling – they can re-record at the click of a button.

For the recruiter, it’s just as seamless.

When you’re reviewing a candidate’s quiz report, the video they’ve recorded will be there ready to click and watch right under their profile info.


If you’re using Weirdly integrated into your ATS (so you don’t actually ever log into Weirdly itself), your candidate’s video can be passed through to your ATS too. This differs slightly for each ATS so get in touch with your Weirdly customer manager if you’d like to see how this works in your specific ATS.

If you’re keen on adding short, simple video early on in your process while keeping that candidate experience smoooooth, get in touch. We’ll run you through a demo and talk specifics around your own process and pricing. 

Integrations are the future: Here are the three ways Weirdly can integrate with your ATS

It’s an exciting day at Weirdly HQ! Dale’s off on another successful US sales trip, our Australian business is looking great and we’ve launched our brand new Weirdly JobPages ATS integration with one of the largest employers in the world. That’s one more integration flavour on offer from the Weirdly candy store.

Why get excited about another ATS integration you ask? Well, the simple answer is that life really sucks when you have to keep hopping between pieces of software. Endless logging in and out. We know, that you know, that your teams just won’t do it. So making sure your crew gets all that delicious Weirdly benefit without ever leaving their ATS dashboard is super-important to us.

For most of our customers, delivering a world-class candidate experience is high on the priority list. People come to us because we can help create a candidate experience that’ll leave applicants with an awesome, lasting impression of the company’s employer brand, as well as helping you manage volume and dramatically speed up screening. Building the kinds of integration with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allow Weirdly to sit right at the front of your process is the key to really maximising these benefits. JobPages is our latest ATS integration type.

Wait. There are integration TYPES? What does that even mean? Well basically, there are different ways your ATS will let us share information with it. It all depends on how they’ve built their software and how you’ve designed your process.


Here are the three main ways Weirdly can connect with your ATS


Option 1: Apply Button

Weirdly ATS integration on apply button

This is where your Weirdly quiz link is automatically added to the Apply button on your job listings. For example, you create a new job in your ATS the exact same way you always do, but when you share it or list it on your career site, instead of the apply button automatically linking to the dry old ATS application form, it’ll take applicants to your customised Weirdly quiz. This means the first experience someone has with your employer brand is a really fun, positive one. This is the simplest way to get Weirdly at the front of your application process, but not every ATS allows it. For the ones that don’t we’ve got two other options…


Option 2: NEW JobPages

Weirdly JobPages ATS integration example

If you want your candidates to have that awesome Weirdly candidate experience as their first interaction with your application process, but your ATS won’t allow an “Apply Button” integration, JobPages is for you. Basically, we simply replace the current “open job” listings on your career site with a JobPage we automatically create from your ATS. Literally, nothing has to change in your workflow; you create a job in your ATS just like normal, you click the same button as always to share it to your career site and follow the same process to share it on your favourite job boards. Your Weirdly quiz is either automatically added to every job as a pre-apply assessment, or you can opt to have it be a feature you toggle on or off. Either way, recruiters stay in the comfortable familiarity of their ATS dashboard. It’s only in the background where things are a bit different. Instead of your ATS displaying all your open jobs on your career site, it instantly gives us all the same information and we take responsibility for displaying it on your site instead. That allows us to embed our quiz link in the apply button, then automatically add the candidate’s score to their ATS profile once they’ve completed the quiz. For you (and your candidates), nothing changes, except you might notice the “open jobs” page on your career site all of a sudden looks a little nicer. Oh, and of course you’ll begin to notice people raving about your great candidate experience ?.


Option 3: Second stage

Weirdly second stage integration smartrecruiters exampleIf you’re still looking for Weirdly to help with values alignment, but don’t need us at the front of your process, this might be the option for you. After your candidates have completed the first step in your application process – usually by uploading some info/resume into your ATS application form – they get sent an invitation to complete your Weirdly quiz. This can either happen automatically (every candidate gets invited), or manually (you only invite the ones you like the look of). Either way, your candidates still get that custom Weirdly experience, we’ll calculate how well they align to your values and their results will be automatically attached to their candidate profile in your ATS.


Think a Weirdly integration with your ATS sounds pretty good? We’re currently working with most of the leading Applicant Tracking Systems in the market, including SmartRecruiters, Lever and SnapHire. If we don’t already have an integration running, you can bet we’re in the process of building it!

Have a lots-of-questions-asked, no-strings-attached demo with one of our team and learn how Weirdly can slot into your current process. 

Weirdly opens an Australian office: In related news, we’re all practicing calling Jandals, “Thongs”

Fire up the barbie, Aussies! Weirdly’s setting up shop in Australia.

Sascha Gray (ex. Hired,Inc and Seek) has joined the crew as Head of Sales and will be heading up our new Australian presence, based in Sydney. We’re chuffed – partly because Sascha is pretty much the perfect person to help connect us to more Australian businesses, and partly because it means more visits over the Tasman to the land of sunshine and beaches.


This could be us. Swoon.


With clients like Atlassian and Bunnings adding Weirdly screening to their HR technology stack in the last year, we’ve made the call to set up a permanent presence over the ditch. This’ll mean we can deliver more streamlined customer success, account management and onboarding help to our Aussie-based customers, as well as having a dedicated sales presence on the ground.

This exciting move also comes at the same moment Dale’s setting sail back to the US to keep growing our presence over there. It’s all busy, busy here at Weirdly.

If you’re in Australia and keen to talk with Sascha, in the US and want to meet with Dale or just keen to hear about the huge stuff our product team have been working on – drop us a message.


Weirdly’s customisable assessments pre-screen your candidates for values alignment. We help manage your volume, reduce churn and provide an unbeatable candidate experience. If you’re keen to hear how Weirdly could work in your organisation, book a demo here

New Snaphire and Weirdly integration: Assess values alignment in the Talent App Store


It’s finally here!

Joining the ranks of other great collabs to hit the Australasian shelves this year (I’m looking at you, Marmite Kettle Korn), the much anticipated Weirdly + Snaphire integration has been released and is already making recruiting teams from some of our biggest clients very, very happy.

If you’re using Snaphire as the ATS in your company, you might want to check this out. Give our team a nudge here and we’ll set up a demo and chat about how it might make your life a little easier.

In the meantime, here are a few of the key points you need to know about this new ATS integration:


A recruiting mullet: Weirdly up front, Snaphire in the back.

Working within Snaphire’s new Talent App Store, you can now connect your existing Weirdly account (or open a new one) by finding us in the Assessments tab.


Weirdly in Snaphire Talent App store

Choose the teal one with the friendly logo.


Quizzes are totally customisable. From the questions to the design, this integration gives candidates a taste of your culture, while testing how well they align with your company values. The best thing about this particular integration is it allows you to put the custom Weirdly experience at the front of your recruitment process. Whether you choose a simple branded design, or a more ambitious animated experience, you’ll be gathering data on your applicants that’s truly valuable in building faster, better quality shortlists.

Weirdly Snaphire integration for Bunnings

Customise with your own logos and colours. Or go large and turn the whole thing into an animated pick-a-path extravaganza – your imagination is the only limit!


We all know hiring candidates that align with your company values has a huge impact on your retention rates. With this new integration, you not only provide an awesome application experience, you can see how each candidate aligns with your culture and values without ever leaving the comfort of your cosy Snaphire dashboard.


Snaphire dashboard with Weirdly integration

See at a glance how well each candidate aligns with your company values.


If assessing values alignment, improving retention and delivering your candidates a better experience than the generic ATS application is important to you, drop us a line now.


Weirdly Version Three is almost here

Weirdly Version 3 is coming very very soon.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to fix all the cogs and gears that run Weirdly. If you haven’t heard of us before, go here to read all about it. Go on; I’ll wait right here ;-).

If you’re already one of our tribe, keep in mind, a lot of the work has taken place under the hood. We have built a shiny new framework so that sometime in the not-so-distant future, we can build out deeper predictive analytics and machine learning features.

It’s not all hidden though, here are some screenshots to whet your appetite for what’s coming (click on the images to zoom and enhance!)

So who gets to have V3 first?!

If you have been thinking of using Weirdly for a while, jumping on board now means that after all the consulting and customisation has happened, when you’re ready to launch, you do so onto the latest and greatest Weirdly. We especially want to talk to you if you have a well-established recruitment team that needs just to crystallise what the culture fit means for your corporate culture.

If you are already using us, then do not fret, we will migrate people over in the next couple of months – we’ll start with those of you on the Massive and Custom plans. To cause as little disruption as possible, we are staggering the rollout for all other accounts. We promise it will all happen in the next few months.

If you simply cannot wait, or you think you are eligible for the first wave of upgrades, email us at [email protected] and we can assess the suitability for you based on your unique usage.