Show Us Your Stack: The most popular HRTech tools of 2019

Last week at Sydney’s ATC2019 conference, we invited recruiters from some of Australia’s largest companies to “Show Us Your Stack”. 

Some of these people-people lead talent acquisition for global brands, some are team recruiters for leading organisations in the asia-pacific region. A few were from companies with a reputation for being innovative, market leading and experimental. Others were from more established, traditional organisations with complex bureaucracies.

No matter where they came from, the themes we heard repeated were the same:

  • The future of recruiting needs better candidate experiences
  • We want genuinely useful, applicable data and analytics – it’s time to tame the deluge
  • For crying out loud, why have I never considered plotting out my stack on a piece of paper before?

So with that last one in mind, we thought it would be useful to share top tools shared with us over the conference. We’ve broken them down under the categories in a typical stack to make it super easy to follow. 

So without further ado, here’s your 2019 HRStack inspiration:

Passive candidate engagement (CRM, Talent pipeline/pools)









Company’s Own Talent Pool



Phenom People


Lever nurture

Inhouse Database

Hiring Solved





Avature CRM





Success Factors






Avature ATS








Job Boards




Specialist Boards*




Work 180


Grad Connection


Career Hub




Kumera Vine

Job Cafe


Sourcing Tools

Linked Recruiter

Seek Premium Talent Search




Own Talent pool



Jobadder Talent pools



Open Source hunting

Shane McCuskers Intelligence


Social Talent

Angel List

Boolean Strings

Chat Bots




Zoho Recruiter

Psych Assessment

Saville (via Ranstad)


Crystal Knows





Criteria Corp

Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Aspect Organisational Psychologists

Genesys 15FQ+



Interview mocha

KF4D (Korn Ferry)

PPA (Thomas International)

Predictive Hire




Test Grid

Test Partnership

Skills Assessments


Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Coder pad

Gallup – Sales Hiring


Interview Mocha




Test Grid




Video Interview

Spark Hire




Google hangout







Background/reference checks




Avature Online Reference

CV Check

Employment screening services




Diversity Tools


Gender Decoder

Work 180

Flex careers


Predictive Hire


Productivity tools








MS Planner

Office 365

People Insights

Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Onboarding systems




Bamboo HR


Success Factors


DXC Onboard




Success Factors recruitment module


Recruitment market places

Talent Vine






ONYA (referrals)



Contingent Software




Entity solutions – CMO




Bamboo HR





flare HR HRIS


Hubspot Marketing

Lever Talent

Linkedin Life Pages





Tableu plugin




Wellbeing 360

Oh hey! You made it here. If this list is all feeling a bit intimidating, check out this easy summary infographic version. Same info, packaged up with interesting stats, insights and more colours.

Or if you could take this chance to check out #2 on the Psych Assessment list – grab a demo time by clicking the easy link and one of our Weirdly team will give you a tour.

It’s our birthday but it’s your friends who need celebrating

They say it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. Well, this April Weirdly will be half way to ten and just quietly, I think we might be a bit ahead on that timeline.

It’s hard to believe it was only 5 years ago that Dale, Simon, Hayden and I were sat in our local Indian restaurant, toasting the decision we’d made to leap into the unknown together. I remember the slightly-nervous excitement; Wondering whether we’d all still be friends in 5 years (we are), if our product would work globally (it does), whether Dales’ eyelashes could possibly be real (they were), and mostly, if we’d made the right call.

Would people continue to value candidate experiences? Were our predictions about company culture accurate? Could global orgs rise to the authenticity-challenge when it came to their values?

Five years into the climb, our customer list has put those anxieties to rest (and, you know, introduced a few new ones).

We’re now working with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the world. Creating best-in-class candidate experiences, building tools for recruiting teams and hiring managers that make their days a little lighter and brighter.

Our team has grown to cover three markets. We have an office in Sydney and a base in the US. Our product team is extraordinarily talented and our psych crew is developing fresh, new ways of thinking about assessments.

We’ve added babies, homes, marriages, new skills, and, in Dale’s case, many, many airpoints.

Our team looks very different to that evening 5 years ago, but the core values we established then haven’t changed and the excitement is still high.

Help us celebrate: Nominate your mates

Here at Weirdly, we like to spend our birthdays celebrating other cool stuff we see happening and this year is no different.

Given that we’re officially half way to being an overnight success (according to the royal “they”), we thought we’d take this chance to celebrate other people who are pushing hard to achieve lofty goals.

It’s easy to celebrate success at the end – once you’re standing at the top of the mountain. But getting there can be a lonely journey.

So we’ve designed up a few You’re Awesome packs to send out to people who are part way up their own mountains. It’s a way for us to say

“Hey, we see you striving. You’re doing an awesome job, keep going!”

We want you to nominate anyone you think deserves one of these packs.

They might be a friend, work colleague or maybe someone in your community you’ve watched work relentlessly toward a goal you admire.

Maybe your nominee has been plugging away for years working to master a new language. Maybe they’re training hard to shave 2mins off their marathon time. They could be working all the hours to execute a major project at the office.

Whatever their mountain looks like, we want to hear about it. Jump into our website by clicking the button below and nominate them today.

We’ve only got a handful of these to give away, but never fear! Every single person you nominate will also get an email letting them know that someone out there has noticed their hard work and thinks they’re pretty great.
Getting unexpected encouragement feels awesome. Almost as awesome as we’re all feeling at Weirdly HQ, hitting 5 years old and growing faster than ever before.

They say it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. If this is only half way through, the next five years are going to be a heck of a ride!

Curious about how Weirdly could help give you a best-in-class candidate experience? Book a no-strings chat with our team today.

#HRTechFest Day Two: Too much good stuff

As day two of HRTechFest came to close, it was clear Australia’s leading HR festival isn’t showing any signs of losing its top spot on the event circuit. It was two days (and an evening, if you count Sunday’s pre-event, event) packed to the brim with inspirational keynotes, on and offline banter, and real, tangible, practical ideas for people-people looking to learn.

The exhibit area was no different – the best HR Tech has to offer was on show (including yours truly ?). Alongside the custom t-shirt printing and donut walls, delegates got to see live demos of products and talk to exhibitors in real detail about how new tech tools would fit into their own processes.

End of Day Two: Thumbs ups have reached extreme levels

Just like on day one, there were some clear themes that had people buzzing all day (that is, inbetween the bouts of FOMO-induced anxiety about which talks to attend). Here are the top things delegates couldn’t stop talking about:

Gamification. Not as complex as it seems

Gabe Zichermann (Onward) had the whole conference talking about technology addiction and gamification. Rather than the elaborate (read: expensive) experiences we often imagine, Gabe talked about the simple principals and ideas behind the concept of gamification. Most interestingly, he talked about how we can apply them in logical and practical ways to build positive cultures.

Knowledge obesity and being more human

Atlassian’s Dominic Price presented a really thought provoking session where he talked about the relationship between knowledge an application. His challenge was to balance our quest for an overload of knowledge, with strategic application of that knowledge. He echoed the cry of many of this week’s speakers: Great technology is only part of the solution. Defining our problems carefully and specifically and retaining a human-to-human perspective is also vital.

Design thinking, Agile and Team dynamics

Flexibility and strategic creativity were popular themes across all the speakers getting social media buzz. Whether they were talking about making huge, companywide change like Natalie Peters at Telstra, applying gamification to build culture or innovating better toys at Lego, finding ways to think beyond the traditional approach was the common thread. Building teams and tailoring learning initiatives to help employees thrive in changing environments isn’t a challenge that’s going to go away anytime soon, so it was awesome to hear so many speakers share their experiences in this area.


As well as all these topics, conversations still kept coming around to the cornerstone issues of culture, values and experience (employee and candidate). Because of this, our “what makes you Weirdly awesome” values wall was super-popular.

I got doooots, they’re multiplying

We had people flocking at breaks to select the value they believe makes them really great at their job. We’re pulling the data we captured into a simple report we’ll circulate over the next few days. If you’d like a copy but didn’t make it to our stand, you can get in touch by booking a demo below!

Weirdly screens every single applicant for values alignment without ever leaving your ATS. You see the best candidates instantly – saving up to 25% processing time. Best of all, Weirdly’s custom candidate experience creates 40% higher engagement, strong employer brand and reduces bias. You build more diverse teams, unified by your company’s core values.


#HRTechFest Day One: Useful buzzwords only

Well here we are already, day one of Australia’s biggest (and fastest growing) HR event is in the can. It was a huge day – awesome speakers, dancing with giant flowers over lunch-time and a buzzing exhibition zone.

Equal parts elegant and sassy

Here’s our breakdown of the key things that were getting the most chatter on the ground:

Our awesome stand and custom conference quiz

Ok, ok, maybe we’re tooting our own horn a bit here but honestly, our team’s doing an amazing job. If you’re visiting tomorrow, swing by, let us know the values you think make you awesome at your job and have a chat to our crew about how Weirdly can improve your candidate experience and screening. If you’re not at the conference, you can still join in with our cheeky custom quiz: Could YOU be Australia’s Next Prime Minister? (and get a sneak peek at the kind of magic we can work on your own application process).

Harnessing design thinking in HR

Chris Havrilla (Bersin Deloitte) spoke passionately about how HR teams can use design thinking frameworks to support growth. Getting clarity around the needs and problems to be solved, and using the insight and design thinking structure to support business cases for boundary-pushing innovation.

Learn to love data

HR is becoming increasingly strategic and ever more complex. Leaders in our industry are reskilling and getting more comfortable with using data to inform and support decision-making and a number of speakers today talked about the rest of us need to follow suit. More and more tools are entering the market flooding us with opportunities to collect, connect and analyse data (*cough* includingWeirdly *cough*), it’s time to start using them in our own processes.

Don’t forget to be human

HR needs to take themselves out of the world of automation and into the world of relationships. Ultimately, HR and recruiting is about humans, connecting with other humans. Automation, AI, Predictive data – and every other shiny new tool or system you come across can be brilliant for our teams and workflows. At the end of the day though, we should also be challenging them to make our process feel MORE human, not less.

We’re pumped for day 2 tomorrow so stay tuned for the final wrap up – you might even find out if you’ve got a shot at the top job in Canberra. And if you can’t catch the crew tomorrow but are keen to understand how Weirdly can improve your candidate experience, speed up screening and give you visibility over your diversity, book a demo with us now.

* If you’re interested in reading our day two wrapup, click here.

#aucklandrec – the diversity edition

#aucklandrec or Auckland Recruitment Meet-up is a regular Meetup of talent sourcing professionals from all over Auckland. Fuelled by Toto’s Pizza and lots of tasty beverages; over 100 talent professionals chatted, networked and learnt about diversity.

After some drinks were had……

…the speakers kicked off. First up was Katy Anquetil from Manpower Group who started with a thought provoking demo:

Three volunteers – two women and a man – were each offered a glass of wine, and much more wine was poured into the man’s glass. Katy asked the man if he was a parent, when he said yes, he got more wine!

It was a very visual way to show the wage gap… Katy pulled out stats which shows that it is a whopping 12%, unless you’re a parent… then it grows to 17%.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, in a room full of talent professionals, Katy gave some very concrete actions through the use of a pertinent Ryan Gosling meme.

Ryan Gosling says: Hey girl, didja know that if women were earning as much as men, the US Economy would produce over $47 billion in additional income... will you ask for a raise?

Then next up was Philip Patston from DiversityNZ but speaking about Be Accessible NZ. He had the shakiest start to his presso… getting stuck in the lift on the way in!

A stark reminder that you should check your equipment regularly!

Philip also started with some stats…

1 in 4 kiwis have access needs

Pointing out that while 1 in 4 kiwis have access needs… 60% of them are un/under employed. The opportunity cost of this workforce exclusion has been calculated at $11.7 billion. He then outlined some of the amazing things that Be. is doing to fix this:

Things that BeAccessible NZ does

Last up was Claire Montgomerie from Westpac NZ. Conscious of the fact she was standing between the crowd and the pizza, Claire went through the amazing things that Westpac had done with with Inclusion and diversity. Through consistent programmes, Westpac NZ’s leadership team is now 51% women.

Claire pointed out that it wasn’t good enough to consider only one type of metric… and that Westpac NZ had created a group or programme for all sorts of diversity. They specifically had groups for culture, gender, sexuality, age, disability & accessibility. In fact, they are one of the first kiwi companies to be awarded the Rainbow Tick.

Well that was us from #aucklandrec. It was a blast, and if you are in recruitment you should go and sign up on Meet-up and perhaps we’ll see ya there!

PS: the pizzas were awesome, thanks XRef!!

Some takeaways from the evening:

Katy Antequil from Manpower Group

  • As a talent sourcing professional and not the hiring manager, YOU can ask the hard questions:
    • Why Hiring Manager would we offer X less than Y for the same job?
    • Why would X be less qualified because she took a year off?
    • How do we determine a candidates worth? Is it not based on the job we are asking said candidate to do?
    • Shall we conduct an organisation wide pay gap audit?
  • Always submit a diverse slate of candidates, if necessary, strip CVs of gender and ethnicity before giving them to the hiring manager.

Philip Patston from Diversity NZ

  • Tell Be. of any internships or professional positions that might be of interest.
  • Check them out online →

Claire Montgomerie from Westpac NZ

  • Your programmes need to be company wide and driven from the top down. If there is no buy in from the top level, it will fail.
  • Consider all types of diversity and try to be inclusive for all.




Want to work on your diversity? Including a Weirdly quiz in your hiring process is an awesome way to target the weird that you want.

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