A world where work makes people happier? That starts with you.

We’re in the business of work. Not boring “I hate Mondays” work, but fulfilling “I’m contributing awesome stuff here” work. At Weirdly, you’re helping people all over the world feel that way. But it starts with you. Want to join us?

We’re Hiring.


If your skills fit one of these descriptions (or you reckon you’re 80% of the way there) we’d love to talk to you:

Senior Software Engineer – Australia

Senior Software Engineer – NZ

Designer (Intermediate) – NZ

Sales Account Director (Enterprise) – Australia

Sales Account Executive (MM) – Australia

Content Marketing Manager – Australia

“Working at Weirdly feels a bit like being in a band – it’s a bunch of really talented people using their skills to create something awesome together. There’s heaps of creativity, mutual respect and enough pressure to keep you feeling challenged”
Jamie McEwan
Chief drinks pourer and Psych team lead

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What’s it like here?


Weirdly’s a tech startup. That means we’re scaling fast, building fast, and pushing ourselves hard. Our team reflects the communities we work in – full of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The thing that connects us all though is an alignment on this core belief: That how fulfilled you feel in your work has a direct impact on your self-worth. That’s why we spend our skills building tools to help connect people with jobs and companies where they can thrive.

It’s also why we’re constantly checking in on our own culture. Making sure we build an environment that helps us all live full lives – with work that challenges us, outside hobbies and projects that replenish us, and families and friends that get much better than our exhausted scraps at the end of each day.

If you had to, you could sum our values up as “Be nice and work hard”


Our company began with one product – a values assessment. We believed by putting company values at the heart of their recruitment process, our customers would find job applicants that shared a sense of purpose.

Fast-forward a few years and our product suite looks a lot more sophisticated. But we still reckon values and culture are key to building teams that enjoy pulling together.

Our own values are grounded in our start as a Kiwi organisation. Our four founders come from diverse backgrounds and are pretty typical NZ’ders – great at dreaming up huge ideas, never-give-up optimists and awkward about tooting their own trumpets.

But more importantly, they’re super-aligned on the idea that being really clear about our values means everyone who works at Weirdly, knows what kind of ship they’re on. These values inform everything – the kind of environment we work in, the projects we prioritise, the way we interact with each other.


Get curious

We challenge and inspire people to work smarter, be more restless, ask the uncomfortable questions that make things (and themselves) better.

Get naked

Transparency is about exposing truth. We don’t hide, we uncover and share so everyone can make more informed decisions.

Get people

We’re fans of people. Everything we build is designed to positively impact lives. We encourage and build people up. We’re not cynical, we’re optimists.

Get pretty

We reckon great design challenges, inspires and clarifies – whether you’re designing beautiful UI, finely crafted sales pitches or elegant code. We also just like things that look nice.

Get shipping

Resilence, urgency and execution – they’re the cornerstones to success and we think, the foundation to making a real impact in the world.

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