Meet the Weirdly team: Making companies weirder in all the right ways.

Dale Clareburt
Co-Founder and CEO

Always uses matching pegs when hanging clothes on the washing line.

Keren Phillips
Co-Founder and CMO

Was homeschooled but still turned out ok.

Hayden Raw
Co-Founder and CPO

Is easily infatuated with freckles.

Simon Martin
Co-Founder and CSO

Gets bored qui-… what am I writing again?

Malcolm Fell
Lead Engineer

Considers “candy” to be an entire food-group.

Bridget Robbins
Front-end Developer

Semi-pro bird watcher. Cat owner. Courting irony.

Jeff Godbout
Organisational Psychologist, Data Science Lead

Alright, Alright, Alright.

Whether you’re talking about a candidate or a business, the thing that makes them great is often also the thing that makes them a bit weird. After 20 years in the recruitment industry we know that if you can find just the right kind of brilliant weirdos for a business, magic happens.

But it’s easier said than done – even if you spend weeks interviewing hundreds of candidates, it still comes down to an experienced gut instinct. That’s where Weirdly comes in. We’ve systemised our expertise, to make filtering through your recruitment candidates (and applying for jobs) easier, faster and heaps more fun.

We believe recruitment shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a fun, honest chance for applicants and the people hiring them to get to know each other – uncovering shared values and helping people find the roles where they can really fly.